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#110919 by Spook Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:26 am
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I appreciate your time and effort for getting back to me. I hope this would continue with time we would know each other better, I'm Troy Turner A Native of Rowland Heights California USA But Presently in the Kabul, Afghanistan for war and to Protect the right of my Country so that all human being in my Country would be able to walk freely and never Look back if something negative is coming,Am the Master Sargeant Of the 1st Reginat Battalion....I Ring the Bell Every Morning by 5:am to control the Patrol, Is Very scary here But a strong Man eat the strong Bone,Am Probably getting retired soon, in less than 2 months, to come Finally and start a New Life Entirely..Hmmm What does a person say?First, I have a 2 son but i lost one 2 yrs ago, drunk man hit him with his truck, he was 13years, his name is John, Sammy is the one i have left, his 17 year old, he is my life and i can't do without him! he is with guardian in the state...I enjoy life very much and believe that everyday is a good day. Being positive is a big part of my Life .. The glass is always half full. I am ( 5'10) , Somewhat good-looking ( so I have been told ), Nice Smile , in a great shape and secure Emotionally. Most every person that I met, Tells me that I do not act like a Military Man ... or look my age. Ha, I don't know if that is good or bad ???Am Now 55 Years Old I know where I am going and I know alots of goals to accomplish but have not found the right woman to join me in my Goals and help me succeed with her Goals. I'd like to develop a friendship first and see where it goes from there as I am very cautious, Meaning that It has to be right for both of us, If it is right, You have me 100% . I only use one woman at a time and give her all my attention, always. If it is not right , I dont want to take up your time., I won't tell you a Stories and the same Courtesy would be greatly appreciated.... My body style is average weight I am physically active Man who is very active, I have no girlfriend and this is the time i think i have the best time to have one now that will lead to Marriage, Though i was Happily Married, But it was a Sadden my wife died of Lungs Cancer...This has Ruin Many Plans away in my Life, I felt i should die with her But it was when she died i believe is only death that can do us part...I have promised i won't marry any woman again But The reason why i think i have to Look up for a woman that will complete and compliment me was that God says in his word that without a woman in a man's Life is incomplete if you can read your BIBLE by going through GENESIS chapter 2vs 18 Its says In the Beginning when God created light and said it was Good , Then he created all the living creatures, including man , and even said that they were good, God said in his scriptures that the first time that something was not good is that for the man to be alone.And he said i will make woman a helper suitable for him he said it is not good for man to be alone so God made man with a woman..SIZED VOID in his life, And God created woman with a man sized in her life so he said the woman will be the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh. I enclose my pictures with this email...
I will wait to read back from you soon..

sent many pictures of his "late kids" plus these

#120046 by Grunt Fri Aug 17, 2012 8:05 pm
caught him too
and nearly forgot to post
was on FMF
with the profile pic already posted

even got the same letter :lol: , but a different IP

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From: Troy Turner <>
Subject: Troy from fishmeetfish
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012



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