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I recently received the following email. It sounded like a pretty good deal, and I figured the high pay was due to the danger of living in Venezuela. I responded and got a call the next day from "Mr. Ricardo". After a brief phone interview he proceeded to offer me a position with CITGO Petroleum Venezuela. I was pretty excited, as anyone would be. He said they would send me more details about the job and an official offer the next day, which they did. It wasn't until I received the "official" offer that I became skeptical. The letter did not seem very professional so I began doing more research. I could find nothing online about "Citgo Petroleum Corporation Venezuela". I know that Citgo is a legitimate company, and is a subsidiary of PDVSA, but on the Citgo website there are no employment opportunities in Venezuela, and in fact, the website doesn't even mention a refinery in Venezuela. They called me again with information on how to obtain my visa and paperwork etc. The problem is they want you to go through some unknown travel agency and send money and personal documents. No legitimate job would ask you to send them money and personal information before giving you an interview and at least a professional contract. Bottom line THIS JOB IS A SCAM. The fact that "petroleum" is spelled wrong at the end of the email should have been my first clue.

This is what they sent me:

-----Original Message-----
From: Citgo Petroleum Corporation []
Sent: Monday, April 22, 2013 9:59 AM
Subject: Employment Opportunity With Citgo Petroleum Corporation

Dear Expatriates,

This is to inform all Interested Expatriates that Citgo Petroleum
Corporation Venezuela is in need of below stated professionals and all
interested candidate should write an application / Cover letter and send it
together with his/her C V/ Resume through email attachment using the
following email address;

JOB - 1. CEO Engineers, Chief Engineers,Production Managers, Project

JOB - 2. Field Engineers,Site/ E& I Engineers

JOB - 3. Drilling / Piping Engineers,Petroleum / Chemical Engineers,

JOB - 4. Mechanical / Automotive Engineers, Electrical / Computer

JOB - 5. Environmental / HSE / Safety Engineers, Geologist / Mining

JOB - 6. Financial Accountants / Account Managers

JOB - 7. Medical Assistants and Health Workers.

JOB - 8. Civil Engineers / Structural Design Engineers,

JOB - 9. NDT Technicians / QA/QC Managers / HVAC Engineers

JOB - 10. Supervising, Coordinating, Planning and Maintenance Managers.

JOB - 11. Documentation Analyst and Officers in Administration

JOB - 12. HSE, Safety Engineer / Environmental Engineer

JOB - 13 . Senior IT Executive / Information and Operations Research

JOB - 14. Installation and operation /Maintenance.

JOB - 15. Security Compliance Manager

JOB - 16. Transmission Engineers

JOB - 17. Aerospace Engineering

JOB - 18. Network Engineer

JOB - 19 Petroleum Engineer / production Technologist.

REQUIREMENTS : All applicants are to possess the following:

(1) Must be fluent in English / Spanish language

(2) Should possess at least a diploma in any of the stated fields or Must
have obtained tutorials on the above said in any institution or center
of training.

(3) Must be computer literate.
(4) Must have at least six (2) months experience in the above said
profession or that which is related to the profession.

All applicants that have qualified or viewed successful to take up the job
based on the scrutiny of their Curriculum Vitae would enjoy and share in the
following benefits :

(1) He / She would be paid an attractive salary ranging from
USD17,000-26,000 per month after tax deduction depending on his / her

(2)The job offered would be a family status one and as such would be
entitled and privileged to come with family.

(3)Free medical care.

(4) Educational assistance based on family status employment OTHER

Contract Period / duration : This is a 24month contract but subject to
renewal based on performance of the employee.

Location : Maracaibo, Venezuela.
Accommodation: Citgo Housing Estate Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Please Note : Entry of application will close as soon as possible since the
date of job commencement for successful candidates will start soon.

Due to this impending urgency, no interview shall be conducted and we regret
that only candidates who are short-listed will be contacted.

Note: Interested candidate should send an application / Cover letter
together with his / her CV/ Resume.

Kind regards,

Mr Luis Ricardo

Director Human Resources

Citgo Petroluem

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