Learn about us and introduce yourself
#384058 by D03841 Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:19 pm
Nice to meet you XXX!

My name is Alice Wunderlich and I will be your manager, I am looking forward to working with you!
Please add my email to your address book and confirm that you are receiving my messages.

As you already know this is a purchasing job and the first month is a training period.
We will provide you with the funds, instructions and let your work to speak for itself.

We have many customers worldwide and there is a long list of products we work with.
Most popular are: Electronic equipment; Medical instruments; Small business machines.

As soon as I find the most suitable job project for you to start with, I will provide you
with more detailed information about the type of product you will be working with.

Being a new and fast growing company we are interested in training professionals who could
participate in our growth and probably head one of our new offices in the United States.

Your Salary starts at $6,200/monthly + commission (via Paycheck or Direct Deposit/PayPal).
Benefit Package includes: 401k plan, Paid Time Off, PPO Medical Plans, Health Insurance.

Please read the attached file for more information and let me know when you are ready to start!

PS: If you would like to know more about us – I am ready to provide you with our registration papers.

Have a great day!
Alice Wunderlich, Manager
Purchasing Department
Phone (347)809-6780

#384060 by D03841 Wed Apr 10, 2019 2:25 pm
Beware of this company. Fortunately for me I had someone assist with learning more about this company since some things didn't sit well with me. Although I made my first purchase for this company yesterday, I still have the products and have not shipped them so i will be returning back to the store requesting my bank return the funds.
I could have been in the hole thousands as I see some of the people on here have been unfortunately.

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