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#428297 by Rex Mcbeth Mon Sep 27, 2021 4:26 pm
Greetings Scam Warners,

Thank you very kindly for accepting my registration. I need to stay up to date with all the scams going around. My brother and I were nearly scammed twice on Craigslist. The potential buyer of our item claimed that he needed to verify our identity to know that we are legit. He Generated a Google Code for my email address and asked for us to verify our identity by telling him what that code was. I did a quick search on Google codes and asked if we should give out a Google Code to someone inquiring of it. And it turns out the potential buyer was a scammer trying to take hold of our email account.

A second potential buyer asked for our address and said that she is sending us a Cashier's check to pay the labor fee of people that she is sending out to our address to pick up the item. She offers to pay far more than what we were asking for our item. I did search on this and results show that it is a scam. Not only would we end up losing our item; but the check is fraudulent and we would wind up owing money to our bank.

So, I am here to study scams so that I don't get bamboozled in the future.

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