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#368691 by maymay Mon Jul 09, 2018 6:50 am
I think I found a “Romance Scam” case.

There is someone who add me by random from “Instagram” on June 30, 2018.

He his IG is drjustin.james

He’s claimed that he is an Orthopedic Surgeon and now join UN in Damascus Camp in Syria about 6 months. His IG has only 9-10 photo (which I am sure that he took it from the genuine/ real Dr. Justin C. James.

But, Dr. James (Real one) is Psychiatrist, DO.

But this FAKE guy claims as Orthopedic Surgeon. And told me that he does NOT know when his contract with UN at Syria will end. He said that he stay in the camp to attend the patients.

He said that he can take a vacation...but it’s complicated for him to leave for a vacation, “he needs to be applied for by someone he knows, like a friend or a loved one. He cannot make any transactions there. So it has to be someone from the outside to help him ...and he has no one as his mother is very old and he has a very young sister in high school.”

He told me he is around 36 years old and his mother (and also his home town) is in Texas. (While the real Dr. James’s home town is in Maryland.)

He also typed his name as “Justine”, instead of “Justin”.

This is very strange. I think it might be a “Romance Scam” and many women (especially the single one) will be trapped by his sweet and romantic words which can happen within a few days of chatting.

And yes, as everyone did, he told me that he do really like me and thinks that I have something in commond and bla bla.

I am trying to convince him to tell the point (I am sure that he will ask me to help him out of UN camp by doing something, e.g. transfer money to buy the air ticket or whatnot). I think so .. because I told him to ask his mother or his relatives or his friends in USA to apply the document for vacation for him. But he told me that he doesn’t want to bother his mother as she is very old. So he doesn’t want her to do this and he has no friends there to help.

So I would like to warn others about this.

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