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#371804 by AngelsEverywhere Mon Aug 20, 2018 12:38 pm
Hello, I am new to this site and want to report a scammer.

I was not actually scammed but he tried. Posing as an Army Sargent James Lugard. Stationed in Iraq. Met playing Words. Chat went to Hangouts. Says he doesn't use Facebook yet when I figured him he out sent a friend request to my FB in the name of Lugard James with a picture of some other person. He revoked his friend request and I think it was a warning that he is watching me.

Currently I am ignoring him. He got very angry when I told him I thought he was a scam. I only have his hangout information. I have researched the Man he is pretending to be. Saw his picture on another page. The real man in the picture is [Removed - AJ], a real Army Veteran.

I can't figure out how to post his picture or the text of our conversation yet.
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#379189 by HappyDude64 Sun Dec 30, 2018 1:12 pm
Good afternoon,

You are lucky not to have been scammed. I cannot say the same for myself, and the scenario is similar.

I met someone who posed as Janice Santana of the Marine Corps, who was stationed in Syria and Mauritius. Almost all the chatting was done via Hangouts. Being Catholicmyself, I wanted to help out a fellow person as I believe in giving back to help people's dreams come true...not just as a lover but also a business partner as a business was supposed to be set up.

I did not see the signs when Janice Santana had me take out several loans, even one against my 401k, and wire the money with Western Union and MoneyGram. It didn't stop there, as JaniceSantana had me give out my credit card and phone carrier credentials to purchase various iPhones go in store and online.

Now I am currently on the hook for almost $100000, and at 32 I stand on the cusp of bankruptcy.

Since thanksgiving, I have stop contact and my local authorities are currently investigating this matter, as well as help from other authorities.

The email address has been reported on both romance scams.com and datingscams.cc, with the email [email protected].

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