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#398433 by WPX Sat Oct 12, 2019 11:40 am
I forgot to greet myself if there is a forum section for user welcoming. My name is Steven, and I do Computer Incidents with various cybercrime, but on day I'm a freelance software computer programmer. I will not disclose my full name for my safety, and I'm EurAsian which my nationality background is mixed. I'm trying to disclose and post a lot of the Korean crafted scam and also English crafted scam that I'm trying to file cases toward the South Korean National Cyber Agency. Any Korean or Japanese stolen images please send any of them toward my profile, so I can alert the user that their identity has been stolen and also file the case toward the National Agency.

I hope we can show light toward our world and also make the internet a better place. Also, as support can any readers also report these accounts as their stolen images by crafted scam threat actors thank you :)

Twitter Stolen Images ( Needed Report )


https://twitter.com/lzh49721832 ( ** suspcious user ** )

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TOWARD ANY STRANGER via EMAIL, SMS or MOBILE. (Avoid any free mailing service which is most likely be fraud user)

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