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#6520 by Jillian Sun Dec 28, 2008 5:08 pm
Who is who?

Hi, I'm Jillian.
Alan Jones, and James, are the administrators of ScamWarners.com. When they are on the site, their names appear in red at the bottom of the forum index page. If you have questions regarding your account, media requests or general inquiries regarding ScamWarners, please contact Alan.

On the moderation team, we have Bubbles, Charles Fox, Chris Martins, ChrisSmith, ColinWarrins, Con Warner, crazy_horse, David Jansen, Edwin Tokar, John Barry, Michelle, AlanJones Rodney, Robert Anderson, Samantha, Bryon Williams, Tim Atem and Tom Sanders. When they are logged in their names will be forest green on the list at the bottom of the index. The moderator team can help you with questions regarding the forum and posting. Most moderators also provide victim support.

Next we have Scam Advisors.Their names will be in purple in the list and under their names, in their profiles, it will say "Scam Advisor". Advisors will be familiar with a variety of types of scams and we recognize them as sufficiently experienced to give advice to people who come here looking for help.

Then there are Scam Warners.These are people who have similar levels of experience to the Scam Advisors, but they have taken on the additional role of warning victims and potential victims of scammers. Their names will be in olive green on the list, and their profiles will say "Scam Warner" under their names.

Finally, we have the title of General Counsel. This is an honorary title bestowed on the people we recognize as having made a significant contribution our efforts here at ScamWarners, and their names will be in orange in the list. They are also experienced in giving advice to victims as part of the support team.

What can you expect here at ScamWarners?

You can expect to get sound advice from any of the people mentioned above. We are experienced in this field, but we are all volunteers, not law enforcement or government officials of any kind. We cannot know everything about the situation or the exact nature of your circumstances. If you want a definitive statement about your precise position, you should seek proper legal advice or go to your local police.

You can also expect us to be courteous when dealing with you and to address any unacceptable conduct on the site in an effective and timely manner.

If we fail to meet these standards, please let us know!
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