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#13469 by Samantha Sun Aug 30, 2009 6:02 am
Please read this before posting information!

If you think you've been contacted by a scammer, this is the right place to ask for help. The more you can tell us about the email or contact you've had, the better we can assist.

Please start a new topic here in the help forum rather than adding to someone else's.

Here are some important points about posting which will enable us to help you more effectively:

Your Safety
Safety is our top priority here. For your safety was ask that you don't post your own personal details. Please remove your name, address, email address, and phone number from any emails before posting them.
Note: If your username is your real name, please send a private message to an administrator to request a name change.

Helping us to help you
When posting information about scammers, every detail helps! Please try to include as much of the following as possible:

  • All email addresses used in the scam, including those of the scammer and any other individual, agency, or company involved.
  • The early emails you have received, and any emails requesting money (important: remove your personal details first).
  • All phone numbers and fax numbers used in the scam.
  • Any websites the scammer has referred you to.
  • The pictures used (Click Here to learn how to post a picture). Note: Please do not post nude or pornographic photos.
  • A description of the scam
  • Usernames and profiles they use that you are aware of (for facebook or myspace pages).
  • The details, as above, for any other person (doctor, lawyer, banker, reverend, friend or family member) who you have been referred to as part of the scam. In all likelihood, these people will be actually be impersonated by the same scammer.

If you can, please post the headers from the email you have received. Headers contain useful information about the email and importantly, often show where it came from. If you can, post the header with the email and we will try to identify the origin for you. If you do not know how to find the header for your email, please check this list for the main email providers. If yours is not listed, let us know and we will check into how to find the header for you. These useful links may also help: How to read email headers
How to find the headers for your email provider

Please remove your own personal information such as email address and name out of the header and the rest of the post.

What if the person is not a scammer?
Many of our visitors may be reluctant to post the details of the person who is asking them to send money for fear that it may be an innocent person. We too are very concerned about ensuring that no innocent people are listed here. If there is evidence to suggest that someone listed here may be innocent, we will either remove or clarify the thread as necessary. If the thread is removed, it will be posted publicly if we do find that the person is indeed a scammer.

While waiting for a response
Please stop all contact with the people you have posted. You will normally receive a response from one of our support team members quite quickly, but occasionally it will take some time. Please keep in mind that our support staff consists of a group of very dedicated volunteers, but there may be times when someone is not immediately available to address your concerns.

While waiting for advice, please take some time to look around the site. You may find that the informational "stickies" in the individual sections of our site will answer many of your questions.

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