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I already know that my mother was part of a scam that has been going on for some time after researching this web site and others and finding nearly the exact emails she was receiving with the exception of names. My mother did not go as far as to give "Stephen" any money or account information and she is not the type to do so, but this man prey's on woman or men that are widowed, lonely and possibly have low self esteem and exploits them. This person and or people need to be stopped! The emails alone are red flags in my book, who really talks like that anyway so nauseatingly poetic and romantic as thou you are reading a Shakespeare novel. That is why my husband and I looked into it, especially since he asked her to close her account on POF, which he did himself. I copied and pasted all his correspondences to my mother below so others can be warned! I am also contacting POF to hopefully put out a warning. My mother has stopped all contact with him and has not told him that she knows anything as not to tip him off. I also attached 2 pictures that I suspect, as the rest, are stolen from some innocent bystander's page and the number he used is from Texas +1 281 607 0062.

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I guess you should truly know who i am ,I don't really know how this is to work, but hey! here is an exclusive. If at my age i do not know what and when to say, then what would i be? When a wise man sees he has probably spent about half of his time in life already, he begins to assess his main goals in life. What could be more important than a happy ending? A man needs to live his life full of joy and happiness. No matter his achievements, he is reduced to nothing if he has no crown to complete him and that is a woman to call his own. WIfe and Best friend. A woman who knows that even while arguing they still need to hold hands. A woman whom i can call a partner in crime, A woman whom you can tell anything. How could you think anything can make you happier in life than finding a love that knows no bound. To make you know more about me,.I will break this down to segments and it would be like a case study.

I am Stephen Lewis, most friends call me Steve. I  was born to a loving couple, a home, by an American man from FL and a British woman for Sussex. My father was an international business man who met this British orphan whose only family were close friends. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist. sometimes she says she sees same in me. During my father's global movement, while i was twelve i left to study in Lethridge Alberta in Canada where i got the first degree in civil Engineering and then i later moved on to Join ma back in the UK. My father died and she was left alone, I met my wife and best friend in Paris, she was a fashion model Very good at heart. Actually i could say i met her in a funny way, would explain that later.

I am a global contractor. I do basically rig constructions and renovations or over water bridges, We have worked at many countries across the globe. The present project is my last on the field and i shall quit field works and continue my works from my home office while my men do the field ops. I think i really have gotten to this height because i embraced work for so long trying to get over my wife, thats why i worked this hard, but i think i now realize i can move on.

I have told you how my typical dream day would be like, i just want to spend the rest of my life enjoying the fruit of my labor. I just want a woman who would be my best friend and everything. You know someone whom we would still love each other more as the days pass by, even when we cant make love anymore and all we could do is play bingo.

I am a total package , i only need someone who understands the value of a good smile.

I cant wait to hear back from you. please write me soon my dear i will wait to read from you soonest

Your turn


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Good Day my exciting Stranger My Name (smiles),

It is heart calming to see your response this morning, Hope your day was great too.  I have been made to know I do write and speak well in a way that gets to the mind, well, I think I simply try my best to express what I feel and I don’t edit what I say or hide my feelings no matter what the recipient feels as I believe nothing supersedes the truth. I must emphasize that I am not one of those who seek instant chemistry. That is where most people go astray, seeing someone in an instant and luring yourself to really believe there is something in you that immediately that which you can’t explain in someone, then I wonder how people defines infatuation or childish crush otherwise. 

The essence of online dating was never intended for people because they lack the courage to interact with opposite sex physically, but because research shows many of the soldiers back in the days who met women via letter writing actually live the life there after in good ways, and then it is now manifest that when people meet on the net, they should at least explore each other's mind for a while, share ideas and compare views, finding a common ground is a very great achievement, isn't it said that loving is the soul's recognition of its counterpart in another person.  In fact in the medium, it makes you know a person so well to a point you feel they are no more strangers, you would have escaped the possibilities of sentimental attractions in instant meetings , due to beauty, boldness and so on, where you won’t be able to really be who you are. 

It might be thought of in the past, a once lonely man opened an email message from a stranger. It was a nice message but it was brief and at first glance, nothing led him to believe it was significant to this level, But soon, he might learn this message was very special indeed. Maybe it would be my story; we can’t know (smiles). Maybe on the other end, the other story would be, She sat at her computer and typed with frantic haste, There was so much she needed to say and so little time, Her heart poured out so easily through her fingers As the words appeared on the screen before her She filled her screen with her words of affection Then waited anxiously for him to type his reply, Her heart skipped as his reply appeared before her and She read and reread his words of endearment Then hurried to reply as her heart beat quickly With her emotions building higher with every word Telling how she yearned to be able to touch him ,Longed to be able to see him, to gaze into his eyes ( smiles) oh if that becomes your story , then we may be a good match. Please forgive my humour; I am just like that, always playful.

My baby girl is 20, born Aug 16th. Trust me, you would love her beauty of the mother and personality of the father, I think it runs down in the family (smiles). I love sea food, I eat mostly intercontinental foods, don’t blame me, character I picked up along on my travelling adventures for work. My best colour is white; I dress clean, exercise regularly. I don’t drink except for parties, no smoking. When I am not working I do try my best to give myself the best treat, you will agree that all work and no play makes STEVE a dull boy. I would usually take off to Europe, or Asia. I love sailing, surfing, I do ski, I play many instruments almost at a pro level, I do golf and tennis also close to professional level too.  

This is a journey we are trying to make here dear, and I know it’s probably not, the best thing, but I'll try it anyway, because I know it could be the best thing, it could be the best! But we would never know unless we try would we?  Seriously they say Find arms that will hold you at your weakest, eyes that will see you at your ugliest, lips that will kiss you in both instances, and a heart that will love you at your worst. Only then will you have found your true love. I have always said I would want my woman, someone I would love at all stages of life, I mean even after we stop making love but play bingo. What is love all about? It's all about giving, taking, sharing and keeping. If you are willing to do all this, then you are ready to love that someone special. I would give all I have for the one thing that cannot be bought. (Smiles)

I really hope to hear from you soon dearie.

An exciting stranger


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Morning, my not so strange stranger (My name) (smiles) , 

Funny when you meet strangers and you start knowing them and they dont seem so strange anyways, Smiles. For the first time i can notice the zeal in  me as i longed to read from you today, one should never underestimate  the power of a new found friend. Before you know it, a simple hi or  hello may turn to very intimate words such as baby come to bed.

I  am not disappointed to get my new found daily tonic from my new friend.  Something has blossomed within my chest and I am happy your response  lifts me up, soaring into the heavens for in truth I dared not believe  this could happen yet through the years I hoped and yearned for it.

I  am supposed to travel ahead of my last contract now due for completion  in Dubai, i have to clear that and get all the due balance and it would  be a "wow, what a journey" then the work traveling stops and then i can  start making the paradise (smiles). I really dont want to take more than  a week to make it to that spot. I think i should use the period to  explore with you , and hopefully cant wait to meet you upon arrival, i  do pray it all works. Hopefully then, Gone would be the shyness as words  may flow from your heart as you hopefully describe the true depth of  your emotions someday hehehe, Reading my reply your heart leapt with magnificent joy. I have come to realize that in finding love, it brings  us closer to our own self. This is for those who seek themselves, We are  all lost spirits at some point in our lives, and if we do not find our  soul, we can never truly share it with another.  I've done the  merry-go-round; I've been through the revolving doors. I feel like I've  met somebody I can stand still with for a minute, and maybe one day you  would want to stand still with me? Between you and I, I heard Cupid's  been flying around, hitting everyone with a bit of my love, but I sure  hope he beats the hell out of you! (Laughing Hard) Thanks for giving  attention this way, it is such a wonder that you can feel young again.

I  have many friends scattered throughout the world who regularly send me  email messages of greetings. Reading them pleases me so, but I crave  more than just friendship, I craved true love. Although i have loved  before, it always seemed fleeting. A lasting love has slipped through  this fingers before .I began to believe that God had not really intended  for me to experience the worlds greatest sensation. Maybe my time's  here.

I really  look forward to notes from you with much enthusiasm i want you to know  that we share similar dreams and i have taken my profile off match and i  am looking for the same as you.

Known Stranger


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Morning to a new friend my name (smiles), 

I don’t know why, but I feel I would have been not so happy had I not gotten a note from you.  What I finally realized is that it doesn't matter how far you live, how different the culture is, it doesn't matter if you meet someone on the internet... true love can be found everywhere and it happens when you least expect it. What else do we live for if not for love, maybe my time may have come (smiles) .

So tell me something Helen, Are you ready to install love? (Smiles),I heard a story long time ago when a man went to a customer care rep, I think you should read it too. Because it says a lot about how the heart should be operated in love I will tell you about it later.

Finally I will be leaving for Dubai this evening, I expect to be there for another week plus or minus a day(smiles) Completing the contract will surely be a great deal sealed, I have waited this moment all my life, and prayed for a complete family to share the dividend with at the end, just maybe the timing may be good, (smiles) . Upon arrival, I do plan to meet you, but I guess I have some days to plan a good scenario.  How do you see a good home? How do you envision a good private vacation for two? Do you like sailing?  Trust me, it takes a lifetime knowing people, and the differences between the two is the fun of the whole journey and that is what love is really about, not just a destination you get to and stop, but a lifetime deal. I remember fully well that I have been told, you can never find love through the eye or ear, so you must trust the only thing that will never fade until you die your heart.

If they had ever told me fun meeting someone over the air could be, I would have said, 'Impossible, impossible for me.' And if they said I'd find someone I really feel comfortable talking to beyond the computer's end, I would have said, 'Impossible, impossible, my friend.' To dream about what might have been is strange enough for me, but now it seems I'm living in a dream too beautiful to be. If they had said a moonbeam could calm a stormy sea, I know, I, Steve would have said, Impossible, but now at last I see that nothing is impossible now you got my attention. The old prankster would say, it’s not a matter of finding the right person, but a matter of being the right person for the one you choose to love. People seem to forget mostly that love demands our hard work daily. Because really, Love is like trust, when you find you’re special someone it is as if you trust them with your heart.  Loving someone doesn't mean you have to be with that someone, because sometimes Fate plays a fool on us and we are not meant to be together. But still, there is love between us. So the most important thing is that the friendship created is one that can never be forgotten.  That is why i am happy with finding a new friend in you, because even if the end isn’t what we plan, the friendship will always be there, so it is a win win situation. Some fools out there would talk about caution which has limited their abilities in life, because life is just of the two options, 

1. Worry yourself and remain on one spot,..
2. Dust yourself up and move the Hell on.

Yeah I know

Your naughty friend


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Good Day My new friend (my name),
How was the night? Thanks for all the complimentary words, but i believe that i do have a lot to say and it must have been from my life  experiences all summed up.Sometimes we get lost along the way We were  told to look for the brightest star, it may lead us back. Maybe after  all that's happened, our paths will cross another soul seeking same life  adventure, again and we won't be lost anymore because we would've found  each other. Until then, I'll be looking out for you, guiding you  through,Maybe you could be my guardian star too. Because i really want  the life beyond dreams, To wake up to her smell, to open my eyes making  her face the first thing i see in the morning.

I  would sure love to chase her off with my naughty acts lol, because i  really would love to see her smile and giggle over and over everyday. Most times i would love to drive with her next to me, and  sometimes i get lazy and want to get spoilt so she can drive me too, (smiles).  I think a dip in the pool middle of the night would be  calming.  I would love her to distract me while i get too entangled in  my business works at home hehehe. Taking her to bed would be my joy and i  would also love to watch her sleep.

Life  is beautiful, and it starts the very day we realize all it takes to be  happy is to be happy. Do you know I have gotten a new glow since i  started to talking to you this wonderful woman,(Smiles) ? All my crew do  notice the glow without effort and everybody wants to know why I smile  for no reason while in meetings. We are all here in Dubai I have to  complete my contract with this govt here, and the contract is in the  final phase and will soon be completed. The men all have their uses, we  have grown along with the years spent together.

We  share more friendship relationship than employer-employee relationship.  Big Bill would love to see a picture of you, He is one who would never  give you any problems among the crew of intelligent thugs I have, He is  my closest and he practically manages me hehehe. Adam is the very naughty one who would give you the names of every single chemical  component there is in one sitting, He is a nut case and i am sure you  would enjoy his sense of humor. Dan is the striker, He represents me ,  and my last trainee, Johnson . I trained them all and now they are my  buddies. I am sure you will Enjoy their company. It is never a dull  moment around the Intelligent Thugs In fact, in this similar fashion ,  Big Bill met his best friend and partner in crime hehehe.

I  keep saying, people should stop going into relationships with these  dreams only, We must realize at the same time there would be those  moments we will need to be rebooted. There are times of anger when we  would say things that we dont mean, and only those who want to remain  hurt keep record of such wrongs and hold on to it. While we may have  different views about some things , we only have to remember that we are  all people with different views but what we have in common is general  and it is the spirit of love and joy. I am happy to have a sense of  hope, but like they say, Once in your life, you will find someone who  will turn your world around. Hehehe You do work miracles, yet They say  Angels don't exist, so why are you here? (Smiles).  All of our young  lives we search for someone to love, someone who makes us complete. We  choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak  and hope, all the while wondering if somewhere and somehow there is  someone searching for us, we will only grow to realize , we are the ones  to look for it and recognize one when we see it. Do not let people  deceive us about love, when people come and talk to you about their  opinion about online dating, you should first check how perfect they  themselves have lived the love life, to be qualified as the love  professor because love is take what you get, Life: Forget yesterday,  live today, and worry about tomorrow. Then love will come all on its  own.

I  wish i had the job to teach love to the world, it is actually not as  hard as people take it to be. They just listen to too much advise on  love affairs, not knowing the only thing that counts is the feelings in  the heart, it is never an exam to be marked.

As  you can see I am  hopeful romantic hehe, seriously you will be shocked i  may be the most romantic person you'll know, I cant help it and I cant change it, it is who and what I am, I say, it is either you take me for  me or not, there is no shaping it. Do you agree with me that life is  short no matter how long we live it? I think people should start  worrying about how well they live rather than how long.  We are never promised tomorrow, so have you made a good change today? just smiling at someone on the side walk could do the magic, it may soften a heart and  the person may never be the same again, before you know it you have  changed a life (smiles).
Who  ever said finding love and building a happy home would be easy, we  fight for it, i think i should start planning for life ahead, cos truly ,  the difference between a dead dream and one to pass is the step taken  towards it. Are you ready? Am i for real? well what will a man gain  pretending at this age? well time unfolds all.

Hope to hear from  you soon my screen saver.


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Sent: Fri, Sep 20, 2013 7:48 am

Good Morning (My name),

Sorry i did not reply your email at once i had to visit the the Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Khalifa bin Sultan Al Nahyan. I also took the opportunity to do some pleasure sight seeing, I also took sometime out to learn about the history of UAE by visiting the Heritage Village (A Culture Museum), and the AL HUSHEN PALACE - now home of the Centre for Documentation and Research. 

I sometimes consider myself ambitious because I have a lot of dreams I wish to achieve before I die. So let me tell you what having a good time means to me, I like to go Skiing in the Winter. Two places I usually go to are Rossland, in British Columbia and Winter Park, Colorado.when I am in Europe i visiting some Ski resorts in Austria, like Kirchberg and Kitzbuhel. I like to read all kinds of books ranging from Non Fiction to Biographies, I also like super thrillers and Espionage stories. I have a whole lot of other things I do to catch some fun but it greatly depends on who I'm with and where we are. 

Sometimes I go to see a movie at the Cinema or maybe just listen to some good music. I'm thinking about going on a short vacation after I'm done with everything I'm doing down here. In my short journey in life, I've noticed public opinions about relationships usually do more harm than good. For this reason I like to keep my relationships private because when both partners sit down and talk about there differences they usually find better Solutions together. 

I have been very single for almost 14 years now but didn't really take note until recently. Emily and I are very close. She is practically my only true friend. I have always tried to be there for her just like her mother would if she was still alive.

I could keep going on and on but i have to get to work now i would drop you another note later .


Re: Hello its Stephen from pof 
From: Stephen Lewis <[email protected]>
Sun, Sep 22, 2013 7:45 pm

Hello my Shining star (my name),

You are indeed a lovely thief who just stole my heart, how ever you did it,  I got no idea, but feeling this good makes me not care at all if you Steal the whole thing and never return it.

Have I ever envisioned feeling this close to someone in such medium? well No, But like they say, The two things we can never run from are, Death and Love, and We are never to tell how, when, where or why it comes.  I think I was falling in love with you without even knowing it (Smiles). Impossible to stop, impossible to control, I'd fallen for you, yet I didn't know and yet I was in choice to have contacted you, because it was by chance to have come across you. I would love even a this age to call you Pretty Baby, don't you give up on this adventure, I can see it is all fun and would always be a win win situation no matter the end results, isnt it worth the trial? I have been saving smiles for you. Pretty Baby, why can't you see, you may be the one that I belong to. I'll be the embrace that keeps you warm, for you're the sun that breaks the storm in my situation.

I dont know how to describe the wonderful feeling, but it is way beyond that butterfly story, They say sometimes we meet people who make us want to sing, you actually make me want to write something down like a poem, driven by experience of magic of words in a computer way, Haha! the monotonous clik clik clik of the keyboard...the bleep of a message,the end of an unknown emptiness until now,the start of a journey yet to be defined but meant for great and like minds. The passing of 14 yrs since the such feelings last felt. The end of a sorrowful era just deep silence, now turned to great anxiety.  I was talking to Ma and Emily and did mention a possibility of having found a woman who is now a part of my everyday life, after all i never wake without hoping to hear from you (smiles) and I could feel them happy to know i am out in the light now. 

I once heard that Loving someone is because you find them in your heart, even if it is locked up. You can't help yourself but to unlock it for them, 'cause they're what you want. But really, is there any way anyone can achieve greatness without trying?  Appearance is an image we all see each other as. To really care for, like, or have love for another is to know who they are on the inside. You can't care, like or love someone just by their outside appearance, it's what's inside that really matters. I think that is the advantage here dear.

I will not be part of the dreamers that only wait hoping the dream comes to them. I got a dream and i am taking my steps towards it everyday without limitations. What do you think? You may feel like asking, Do you believe in fate ? and I say ... let's find out shall we? (smiles). I would beg of you to wake up and stare into your mirror and ask that lady in there, " Steve says, "do you want to stay back and keep wishing for Mr dream or take a chance with the one stretching his hands towards you, asking would you take the journey with me?" You have come like nature to me, I am always busy, From one meeting to the other and working round the clock to seal a deal, but then i can never do without sparing the time daily to communicate with you, Like my old friend would say, It is never about how much time spent together, talking chatting or seeing but how much you can give out of your busy ones to remember each other, He says don't waste your time on someone who is not willing to waste their time on you.

Ma and Emily are very particular about their opinion that i shouldnt remain single, and i also know in my heart that with all my supposed success, I am reduced to nothing without a wonderful woman to crown me, I never believe life without love is good.

I cant wait to hear from you again Pretty Baby.

Your not so strange stranger


Re: Hello Sunshine 
Stephen Lewis [email protected]
Tue, Sep 24, 2013 4:31 am

Hello My Pretty Baby My Name ,
Who  are you? where did you come from? You must be a goddess disguised as an  ordinary woman, I thought you were beautiful, but then i have come to  find more beauty inside you, which makes you a very good win for any man  (smiles). I took my profile down as you may have noticed as a sign of  will and commitment to a journey with you, hope i could get a  reciprocation hehehe.  

Everyday,  I wake to a new  tune of life, like i hear the melody in this life more than i have ever  done. Did they not quote, Love means making the other happy, even from a  distance ? I think you make me more than happy from the distance.  Finding the pleasure here, and i know, Where your pleasure is, there is  your treasure: where your treasure, there your heart; where your heart,  there your happiness.I was reading on marble that , Soul mates are  locked at the heart and written in the heavens, promised to find one another when the time is right, it never made sense to me until  now.(smiles).

I mean just check this out, see what the life has  been in my view for these past few days, tell me , Do you not like it  simple? Another reason for me to always thank God, i mean whenever i ask  for one, he gives more Hehe. After losing my wife, i thought i would  never get the chance to find love ever again, but now i find my self  surprisingly zealous and willing, i believe this second  chance is for me to even do it better. I have few more days here, My  line is active down here, You can reach me on +1 281 607 0062, it is active in here, Be warned i do have a spoilt accent, i have picked up  along my years of travels and work, some think it is sexy, i say i dont  know, I really cant wait to be back dear. They say, you can't hurry  love, no you'll just have to wait. They said love don't come easy, I say  no,! it is simple, it's a game of give and take. I mean as much as i  really value and desire love, i can as well start with a woman like you,  I mean what are the odds unless someone thinks it isnt time. After all,  i cant deny the fact that you touch a place in me , I have almost  forgotten the existence. You need to see my face now , how shining i  have become ( smiles).  

What  I say is, Hold my Hands and I can promise never to let go or let it  slide off. It is certainly  sure for me, that I can make you the happiest woman in the world, it is  no boasting. Are you ready for the ride of your life? Some people say  we live seven lifetimes before end of time, all i know is I can live the  fun of forever in this very one, and a lifetime in what is left of it.  People may have thier different opinion about my feelings here but all i  know is, if you are not the one in love, take your speech and opinion   out of it, because you will never understand what it feels, (smiles).

I  do my thing, and you do your thing. I am not in this world to live up  to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine.  You are you, and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, it's  beautiful and I tell you, You dont have to change who you are at anytime  to please me because, Love isn't love until we share it, but the real  fulfillment in life is finding love and sharing it with someone who can  freely and without any  conflict love us faithfully in return.

Relationships are like  snapshots; some you remember and some you forget, but some you never  develop and you never get to see how they would have turned out, that is  why I said, if you dont try, how would you know? Hehehehe.

Your Love attack victim


Re: Hello Sunshine 
Stephen Lewis [email protected]
Wed, Sep 25, 2013 4:42 am

Good day my new found Joy, My Name, 

From the stranger to the one I cant even do a min without thinking about. I have said this life will drive us to places we never knew existed. (smiles). Amid the gloom and travail of existence suddenly to behold a beautiful being; and as instantaneously to feel an overwhelming conviction, that with that fair form, our destinies must be entwined, this is love. I don't know how to define love generally, but if i have a feeling in me, i never wish it to die and i know i would be glad to feel this way for the rest of my life, then in all fairness , I think it can be called love no matter the odds, let us call a spade a spade and not try to see love the way others define it, but the way it is defined and manifested in our own lives. 

Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you is now beyond my control! Left to some people, they think the word strangers actually means danger, they tell you about trust and so on, when the truth is trust has nothing to do with who you know or not, it is about the individual being of people, For example, in my business, I was delved deep in work since my wife passed, I felt I was hard working, but deep down I knew i was only trying to forget a pain, and during the course of traveling from one point to the other, I met people of all classes, and at the end of the day, it was a complete stranger that we met at an after work bar who just enjoyed my company in few min who actually gave me the contact that earned me this last contract with the U.A.E government. People say it all the time that I have a great personalty, Charisma and good effect on people, I would humble myself thinking they flatter until the event with the stranger happened. Now a Stranger got me, what we know in our field as the biggest contract by a private consultant. This is my breakthrough and that is why I say my vacation starts after this one. Now a stranger secured a project for me, Now to the old Retinues of friends i have, I needed a huge sum to facilitate this, and people who know me well enough, could not step up for me, since they know it is a hundred percent profitable contract but none would help, perhaps from envy, I had to stake my all on this one and with my good relationship with people , get a good loan from the Bank in London. So my point is, you can see, sometimes, Strangers help us and sometimes friends don't stand up for us. So life generally shouldn't be based on sentiments as everybody deserves equal chances or what do you think? Well the bible did acknowledge that when the end time is near, men would lose their essence, dishonest people have made some people turn against helping others, and they forget easily that in doing so, the dishonest people that may have hurt them in the past have now removed their humanity if they start thinking like that, because before you know it , some innocent people would suffer for the deeds of those people, which is never acceptable to God, that is why i say in all confidence that no man can change who I am, no matter how many times people fail me, I still believe in humanity and value of friendship and, the reward of putting a smile on the face of people.You have no idea how much i value love my dear, I may be able to speak the languages of human beings and even of angels, but if I have no love, my speech is no more than a noisy gong or a clanging bell. I may have the gift of inspired preaching; I may have all knowledge and understand all secrets; I may have the faith needed to move mountains-but if I have no love, I am nothing. I may give away everything I have, and even give up my body to be burned-but if I have no love, this does me no good. Remember in Timothy, Love comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.

My question to You today is how much do you believe in Charity? I am one who always gives as a sign of appreciation to God and my will to see people happy, not because i wish to get anything back from it. Second question is , to what length will you go to bring me out of sadness if ever it arises? Well, i am never sad though, I am always happy hehehe. Would you love a vacation with me? Would you let me cook for you whenever i feel like? Will you love a massage by me? What are your dreams about our meeting?

There are millions of people out there but in the end it all comes down to one. You'll still panic sometimes, forget to breathe, but there's a beauty in all my imperfections which will be held up for you to see. A strength that can never be taken away. I remember the saying, You found your love when you've found a home in a woman's heart. (smiles)

I cant wait to hear from you my heart again.

Your new ......{fill it out yourself}




#177467 by vonpaso xlura Sat Sep 28, 2013 3:07 pm
I am Stephen Lewis, most friends call me Steve. I was born to a loving couple, a home, by an American man from FL and a British woman for Sussex. My father was an international business man who met this British orphan whose only family were close friends. She says there was something about the man that no woman could ever resist. sometimes she says she sees same in me. During my father's global movement, while i was twelve i left to study in Lethridge Alberta in Canada where i got the first degree in civil Engineering and then i later moved on to Join ma back in the UK. My father died and she was left alone, I met my wife and best friend in Paris, she was a fashion model Very good at heart. Actually i could say i met her in a funny way, would explain that later.

Complete and total lies. Obviously he grew up in West Africa; he has probably never been in America or Britain in his life. Good on your mom for not tipping him off.

Please mark the photos "fake used by scammer" so that the next scammer who comes along can't reuse them.

... ni los estafadores heredarán el reino de Dios. 1 Cor. 6:10
#178724 by jccladdagh Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:02 pm
Oh my gosh, I just met this guy on and we have been exchanging daily emails for about two weeks! The emails here are verbatim what I have been receiving from him! He has, apparently, taken the identity of a real life Stephen Lewis who is on LinkedIn and bears a striking resemblance to the pictures posted on this site of this jerk!

I just went through a miserable, four-year-long divorce and cannot believe people are this low! He has not as yet asked me for money and he will most assuredly get none, but I'll be reporting him to

I have saved all his emails but they are just carbon copies of the above. What a lowlife!
#178731 by jolly_roger Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:31 pm
I see you are a first time poster Des29, and a warm welcome to the forums.
This particular scammer has been active previously. In November of Twenty Eleven it used the name tony caruso, supposedly from California.
Yes it is a scam and everything the trickster has stated is a lie and the best course of action for people would be to stop all communications with it from immediate effect. To continue dialogue with the slimy fraudster un-wise because the other party is not real.
#195483 by countrydld Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:26 pm
I received some of the exact same emails from a man I met on His name was Edwin Sargent and he wrote me almost word for word the exact same emails.
#195486 by Bryon Williams Thu Mar 27, 2014 11:37 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners countrydld,

Scammers often re-use their scripts and pictures that they have stolen. They will change their names and email addresses occasionally

Can you post the email address he is using now and any pictures you may have? This will help other women avoid him.

Please stop all conversations with him and ignore him. If you confront him he will only continue to lie.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.
#210666 by Rush fan Thu Jul 17, 2014 6:48 am
I too am a victim of this hoax and am so glad I trusted my instincts. This douchebag pretty much used the same story with me, widowed born in Australia, living in Florida and working as a civil engineer. Went by the name of Adrian Thomas this time.
#210815 by TerranceBoyce Fri Jul 18, 2014 9:06 am
Welcome to Scamwarners Rush fan.

Don't take this as criticism as I think you just chose the wrong word, but these criminals aren't hoaxers in the usual sense of the word. They are ruthless criminals who seek to manipulate anyone they can by deception, fraud and threats, if necessary. They will ruin a person's life if they can by any means possible and they target the weak, vulnerable and even disabled to satisfy their greed.

Many of them are witless idiots but undoubtedly there are some very skilled operators who have earned millions from crime. The financial harm they do to their victims can be devastating but often the emotional harm can be even worse, especially as it's not uncommon for the problems created to destroy families who may have tried to persuade victims that they are being duped.

Again, I'm not criticising you as many people are unfamiliar about how these criminals operate and the tactics they use.

CAR ADVERTS - If a car seller mentions escrow - he's scamming you Never ever for any reason pay anything until you have seen and inspected the vehicle
#211991 by BELLAESTELLE Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:19 pm
#260988 by Ilikepuppies Tue Jul 21, 2015 4:14 am
I have been emailing a man by the name of BRYAN REIDUN on POF for the past 18 days. I became suspicious and googled POF scams and what do you know, I find the exact same words my prince charming was spouting. I felt compeled to others know that this scam is still going on. Below is a excerpt from a recent email that had been sent twice by mistake (someones getting fired) :roll: How are you today and I hope you are doing fine now. I wish I am with you to take good care of you but you will need to wait till I return from my business trip. I arrived safely here in Cape Town and the weather here is clear. I hope you slept well and the bed bugs did not bite.. :) I do believe trust and honesty goes a long way in a relationship because a relationship that lacks that will crumble and fail. I will want to get to know you better and I do believe a journey of a life time starts with a step and I feel this is the step we have taken.

Like I have told you before .., I was just on the site for few days and met three ladies the first one was not looking for a serious relationship the second one is out of the country and be back in 9 months so I stopped all communication with both and you are the third person and I will want to continue the conversation and see where that leads us to.

I do not believe in beauty, fame, wealth all those things will fade away in due time, but love and trust will last for ever and will make the relationship last long and wax strong because there will always be a time in our lives when old age sets in and the body will start to wrinkle both partners should love each other till this stage and that is when the love comes to maturity I am not looking at the present time now but looking into the future and what the future will hold.

So I know what love is like.. Being in love is what makes working all week bearable. It makes cruising with your windows rolled down feel like you're riding in a convertible. It makes you dance to the rhythm of the copy machine and makes Friday night really feel like THE WEEKEND.

Do you know that everything starts with a dream? To dream a dream is to awaken your inner self. Your wants, your desires, your passions are given life. When one finds a worthy wife, her value is far beyond pearls. Her husband entrusting his heart to her, has an unfailing prize." I advice women to drop arrogance, don't give me the chance to love you, first give yourself a chance to be loved. I swear a good hearted woman will understand this and then you will find that love in abundance. I will ring you later. I want you to know that I am thinking about you and you can ring me any-time on +27623977455

Hugs and kisses


This kind of behaviour is disgusting!! I can only hope what goes around comes around. Hopefully soon, with sites like these educating and helping others, these horriable scam will dissolve. Thank you for this post.
#261707 by jakiesmom Mon Jul 27, 2015 9:41 pm
I too have been corresponding with a BRYAN REIDUN in POF. He was supposedly in Mississauga when we started talking and he is now in CapeTown South Africa on business.
He is very smooth and says all the right things.Unfortunately for him, he is a tad too slick and I got suspicious so I started checking up on him. There is no trail and everything personal he has told me is very generic.
The pics he is sending are of a very attractive man. Very easy to get swept away if you thought this man was interested. I don't want to post them because I do not know who they really are.
He has not asked for anything other than my attention and time. I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he needs my help and asks for money.
I'm not sure what I should be doing, but I have decided to block him in hotmail.
He asked me to remove my POF profile but I have just hidden it.

Please ladies....he is very slick. Avoid him at all costs.
#261726 by Jetaime Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:20 am
I too have been corresponding with a JOHN HENSTRIDGE in POF for almost 2 months now. He was supposedly from US but he is now in South Africa on business.
He wrote me almost word for word the exact same emails. He is very smooth and says all the right things. The photos he is sending are of a very attractive man whcih i believed now it is not him and he just grabbed it from the web. Very easy to get swept away if you thought this man was interested. I received some of the exact same emails.
He has not asked for anything other than my attention and time. Until one day he ask for help and needs money then i became suspicious and googled POF scams and all same that he is saying to me.
#261727 by Bryon Williams Tue Jul 28, 2015 1:24 am
^^^ Welcome to Scamwarners,

Please post his email address and a couple of his initial emails to you.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.

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