Information on romance scams and scammers.
#190519 by Julaiky Mon Feb 10, 2014 12:10 am
Dear scam-warner community,

I have never been on dating sites before, wasn't a member of Facebook until December 2013 and therefore completely inexperienced with all that stuff. So I had to learn a lot during the last week and it took me some time to find out what to do next. After using Facebook and Google+ for e.g. image search I had and still have a mass of setting problems and in between mixed up almost every password. So I lost four days to get my iPad back working because of me being a bit slow thinking as well as troubles between Apps from Apple and Google. Sorry for the delay.

As listed below I send you all details and information I received from FAKE Victor J. Ramos to mail and phone numbers, copied sections used in mails before, details to the money requests etc. The four pics I received from Victor J. Ramos were all used in scams before. I tried to send them to <> but don't know if it worked. And I made the same mistake a lot of women made before. I called him scammer and sent the photo of Aaron Ramos I found on the side <> which is fortunately declared as scammer-pic.

Finally I will try to forward you the mail from UN HEAD MINISTRY with the link to the <> which opens a file you need a password or number to.

<11/03/13 until 01/30/14> LOVE-/MONEY-SCAM GHANA
Aaron Ramos stolen identity was currently used again by scammers for the alias of: Lt.Gen. Victor J. (for Juan) Ramos

I had first contacts to Victor J. Ramos in the first week of Nov. 2013 via Skype when he was sending hellos or anyone there? which I didn't reply in the beginning
<12/13/13 07:54 pm> FALSE CALL (only 1 ring) (00 233 577526876) (*1)
<12/13/13 07:55 pm> FALSE CALL (only 1 ring) (00 606 879-9497) (*2)
<12/13/13 07:56 pm> phone (001(606)879-9497) 3 minutes asked to add him to Skype
<12/13/13 08:03 pm> SMS (001(606)879-9497) sent Skype contact <victor.j.ramos418>
<12/26/13 00:21 am> Mail with pics from <[email protected]>
<12/26/13 03:08 am> I replied his mail and then things got rolling !!!!
<01/03/14 04:01 pm> Mail with added songs on YouTube
<01/04/14 00:38 pm> <> delivered e-card
<01/05/14 01:15 pm> Mail with added video
<01/09/14 06:21 pm> <> delivered e-card
<01/11/14 03:38 pm> Mail MONEY REQUEST for child's operation
<01/11/14 03:41 pm> SMS (001(606)879-9497) = last one from that number sent
<01/11/14 06:19 pm> Mail from <[email protected]> to child's operation
<01/23/14 02:27 am> Mail MONEY REQUEST for delivery fees UN parcel
<01/24/14 00:06 am> Mail with details to UN mail address
<01/25/14 01:49 am> Mail from UN head ministry to detailed payment
<01/25/14 09:10 am> SMS (001(424)835-7883) = only one from that number sent

<02/03/14> The FAKE is also on: J Ramos
Skype contact number still exists and is online
(*1) COULD be the correct number before changing display to *2
(*2) SHOULD be a number sold by Skype

First Mail 12/26/2013 00:21 am with photos
"Victor. J Ramos" <[email protected]>:

Season Greetings from Kabul,

I want to thank you for your wishes to me, and my family, and also I'd
like to use this medium to extend these wishes to you, your friends
and household as well. Merry Christmas to you************, may
your deepest wishes and desires come true before your very eyes in
2014 and beyond. I have managed to attach a couple photographs of me,
it will be a pleasure for me to receive from a few from you too. I
look forward to a reply ******.

with Regards,
Lt.Gen Victor
<M Ramos (8).jpg><M Ramos (2).jpg><M Ramos (58).jpg><M Ramos (53).jpg>

Mail from Victor J. Ramos 01/03/2014 04:01 pm with songs on YouTube
"Victor. J Ramos" <[email protected]>:

Hello ***,

How are you doing today, I hope you get this mail and it finds you well in good health and in perfect shape of mind. Firstly I want to thank you for the detailed email, it was a pleasure going over it, again and again. I must confess that I feel a certain kind of warmness when I receive these notes from you. It was awesome hearing you speak and confide in me in the manner you do, it captures me in a unique way, and I appreciate every single second it lasts. The accident took a toll on you and has really tried to slow you down, but I admire your relentless spirit and optimistic attitude towards the whole incidents and occurrences around you, absolutely exemplary. **** you're a such pretty and wonderful woman with a beautiful heart, and it is certain you will find your feet and be most happy again. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to be able to share our life with each other.

You request a few information about me, and I want to take time to point out some details.

My full names are, Victor Juan, Ramos. I'm single and I grew up with my dad with one sibling, Debi (Younger Sister) in North Tustin, OC, California. I and Debbie haven't been in constant communication, because she moved with her husband and daughter to settle in Geneva, Switzerland. I joined the military in 84 and still in service until date. My father was also a veteran in service with the military for over forty years. He died of diabetes in 2002. I got married in October of '99 but was widowed four years later without a child. I haven't been able to pick up since then due to my consistent deployment outside the US. My current assignment here in Kabul will be concluded before the first week of the Second month "February", and hopefully then I and my team will be extracted from the middle east, back to the US.

I'm a potato person, :) I don't mind noodlesoup also

Here are some of my songs to you, I hope you like them dear,

Rod Stewart:
Joe Dolan:
Elvis Presley:

Please let me know via an SMS when you've received this email. I anticipate a conversation much later. Take care dear,
with love and regards,

Victor <3

Mail from Victor J. Ramos 01/11/2014 03:38 pm and first money request with contact
"Victor. J Ramos" <[email protected]>:

Hello my dearest****

'twas awesome to hear from you, Oh! how I missed you so. I feel so incomplete now that I don't have you close my love, and I thought I should tell you this; that I will be the happiest man alive on my first contact with you, I promise to hold you, kiss the back of your hands with all the passion in me. I want to learn all from you, as much as you want to from me.

Good to hear you're making progress with the boxes, you're such a relentless individual. :) I will make time for us to talk later on. Before I end the note dear, here's the detail of the reverend;

Rev. Abraham Mensah,
[email protected]
+233 57 710 6508

You can reach him pronto, he will give you proper information of what is required to complete the operation, and please keep me updated as soon as you hear anything from him. Thanks alot for this honey, I'm most grateful, I've got a gem for a companion!. Take care of yourself dear, and avoid feeling lonesome because you're always stationed in engine of my heart :* remember this keeps me going, with love and regards.
me Victor.

Mail replied by
"Abraham Mensah" <[email protected]>
01/11/2014 06:19:49 pm
Re: Details to complete operation

Dear madam *****,,

I thank you very much for your message and concern for little miss Lydia who is suffering from Luekemia. The transfusion is required for her very urgently and we hope to be able to raise the total amount required as soon as possible. As of now we need an additional 1250 Euros to complete the financial requirements for the operation.

There are very few medical institutions that are capable of such transfusions but we have already made inquiries from one of the best and affordable hospital around here (Korle bu teaching Hospital) which is a government owned hospital. We are truly hopeful that her situation improves greatly and more permanently after his operation as we do believe in miracles by our lord Jesus Christ.

My sincere prayers for you and your family and I wish you a prosperous and happy year this 2014. God bless you! My regards to Lt. General Victor Ramos.

Rev. Abraham Mensah
Apostolic Christian Church
+233 577106508

Mail from me 01/24/2014 10:41am to UN HEAD MINISTRY as asked for
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>
Victor J. Ramos

Good day Sir/Mam,

I am **** a friend of Major General Victor Juan Ramos in Germany. He has asked me to help him receive his parcel from your organization. I want you to reply me on how the delivery is going to be made and how to make the payment to you. I want to make you aware to the fact that I live near the UNRIC for Western Europe. Please consider to ship the parcel to **** where I can go to collect it, especially if that reduces the delivery fees.

Thank you for your understanding, hoping to hear from you soon.


Mail replied from

<25/01/2014 01:49 am>

Good Day Mam,

With reference to the e-mail we received from Major Victor Juan Ramos, for the release of his trunk box, Code: UN/8655434688/PLK/UN/GH/ serial no: 002119/15222UIXX7 reference number, belonging to Major Victor Juan Ramos who is there in Afghanistan that you (***) his friend, will receive his trunk box there in your Country (Germany) as the said receiver of his trunk box.

NB: Due to the diplomatic content of your parcel, it will be illegal to Ship it to you without the parcel being insured as it will violate the United Nation rules governing diplomatic delivery. This means payment For the registration fee must be made before shipment to avoid risk.

We can not Afford to re-issue your payment for delivery if anything goes wrong, so in this case payment for the registration fee is mandatory, and it will cost Eight Hundred and fifty euros only (€850). This also covers the delivery fee, Most Importantly, The trunk box must be registered by the United Nations for easy and safe delivery, before it can be dispatched to your chosen delivery point or destination, as the delivery content has to be register in your name and address as the said receiver, before it can be delivered to you by our diplomat.

Your parcel is protected by a hardcover United Nations insurance policy,which makes it impossible for any Airport authority to intercept the trunk box during the delivery. This is in accordance with section 13(1) (n) of the United Nations act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect recipients and to avoid misappropriation of consignment box. We advice that everything about this delivery should be kept confidential, in order for we to make a successful and quick delivery to your doorstep.

Madam, you are to make the payment via western union or money gram. This western union or money gram are attached to banks and post office, And also below are the recipient details.

Receivers Name: Hans Amakye

Location: Accra Ghana

Text Question: Colour

Text Answer: Blue

Amount: Eight hundred and fifty Euros (€850)

Do send us a scan receipt of the payment, or the mtcn number and your sender name,immediately after effecting the payment. So our accountant can pick it from the bank, for we to get the necessary documents to effect the delivery, to your doorstep. Thanks for understanding.

Best Regards,

Dr. Jacob C.O Ikutu,

Professional Virtual Office

Mail 01/27/2014 08:19 pm with copied parts:
"Victor. J Ramos" <[email protected]>:

My Dearest ****,

I miss you so much and words alone can't explain just how much i yearn to be with you, i will be coming to you soon because once they deliver the parcel over to you i will be able to leave camp by Saturday 1st Feb. so you will get the money before the 3rd my dear, no worries.

I will start making preparations for my last report here in camp, i can't wait to be with you my Queen, you are all i think about my love and every time i do that ....

...... i experience more excitement, feel like the happiest man on the earth. I think of you all the time. It is not just at bedtime, or upon waking up but at my work, during driving, and at all times. Sometimes I sit and without any reason call your name loudly, until realizing that you are far away, and then smiling about the sweet thoughts of you.

The world has many beauties, some like lilies, jasmine, irises, roses; some were just simple plain flower none of them made me feel attracted. It was your innocent smile, your sparkling eyes; it was you in whole who made my heart like falling out of its place. It was like lightening had struck me, it was like an angel had shown herself. It was you and your love that made me what I am today, i love you so much my dear.

Honey please try your possible best to send the money by tomorrow so they can deliver the parcel to you ok? and please take good care of yourself for me, miss you so much!

Look forward to your reply my Queen, i just want to give you all of me, i love your smile and you are perfect.

All my love,

one more mail 01/28/2014 01:23 am with copied parts
Victor. J Ramos" <[email protected]>:

My Lovely ****,

Hope you are fine this beautiful morning my love, and hope you had a good night rest filled with sweet dreams of both of us, i had the nicest dream with you giving me the most sweetest and lovely kiss on earth and gratefully woke up with a smile on my face.


I will keep loving you as long as the sun keeps shining, the stars keep brightening the sky the winds keep blowing, the snow keeps falling, and the flowers keep smiling. I humbly request you, Uli, be mine. Loving you forever....

My dear i wish you a very warm morning filled with lots of favor and love from everyone around you, and here is five steps to a lovely Morning! Open your eyes! Take a deep breath!Throw aside the covers! Get up from bed! And read my message. Good Morning my love.

Love you so much honey, lots of kisses and hugs from me to you this morning.

Love you always,

#210911 by dollymama Sat Jul 19, 2014 12:44 am
Well, the scammers are alive and well on the dating sites and on Facebook. I have been getting the same romance crap from someone posing as a Donivan Crawford ( He contacted me through the Zoosk dating site and is supposedly from Oregon but in Dubai working as a contractor. Now that his "work is almost compete," I am waiting for the much is this supposed to cost me? I know I should just stop talking to him but it is pretty entertaining as long as my bank account and personal information remain safe. So much for doing the online dating thing! Anyway am posting this to help others from being hurt.

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