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#219585 by Agatha Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:36 pm
Hi , I´m new member here and I really Think I have been scammed by a srg David Jonas Gillis .He is in US Army in Kabul. I got his address in CA , US .and he is Calling on phone with different GB-numbers +44. Do anyone knew if he is a scammer?

#219586 by Bryon Williams Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:59 pm
Welcome to Scamwarners,

Yes, it is a scam. Soldiers deployed do not have the time to be on dating sites nor corresponding with strangers on the internet. His phone number will not start with 44.

Please see this thread viewtopic.php?f=1&t=81889 it discusses David Jonas Gillis

Please post a couple of his emails to you. Remove any personal from them.

Post all his email addresses used and phone numbers. This will help other women avoid his scam attempts.

Please contacta moferatorstor if you have a question or information about this post.

Please do not tell the scammer he is posted here.

Please remember the fallen.

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