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#46687 by A.B. Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:47 am
Is this site, bigshop.cc some thing that Scamwarners can have shut down?

Welcome To http://www.bigshop.cc brazil updated

1 ) We are Back with GOOD STUFF.

2 ) We have Update our Base with Worldwide Cvv, Dumps , Socks.

3 ) New Registrations are Free.

4 ) Which account will not have any Money we will Ban his/Her Account in 24 Hours.

5 ) Uk , USA , CANADA , INDIAN , Bank Logins are Avalible on ICQ

6 ) Talk with ADMIN on ICQ and Get your Choice Bank Login and also Paypal accounts.

7 ) ADMIN SUPPORT ( ADMIN ICQ# 601073590 ) is Online 24/7

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#46691 by Dotti Wed Feb 16, 2011 1:23 am
On initial review, I would say this looks like it could be killed. I have flagged this for some of our site killers to take research further.

Domain Admin ([email protected])
BPM 90035, 34, Parc d'Activite Syrdall
Note - All Postal Mails Rejected, visit Privacyprotect.org
Tel. +45.36946676

Creation Date: 10-Feb-2011
Expiration Date: 10-Feb-2012

Domain servers in listed order:

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#46696 by Michael Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:04 am
For now I don't see enough evidence to get it closed down yet - I'll have to register to find out what the site says behind the login. To do that I'll need to use my secure pc though, I'll get to it later tonight. If I can find some nasties there I don't see any difficulties with killing it.

Account inactive - messages are not being monitored
#46736 by A.B. Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:25 pm
Thanks for taking a look. I've posted another one ... iseller.cc ...in a new thread. As these are not really 419 related, let me know if there is a more appropriate place to post them.

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