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#391390 by Michelle Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:56 am
Whois Record for Bull-Option.com

Domain Profile
Registrant WhoisGuard Protected
Registrant Org WhoisGuard, Inc.
Registrant Country pa
Registrar NAMECHEAP INC NameCheap, Inc.
IANA ID: 1068
URL: http://www.namecheap.com
Whois Server: whois.namecheap.com

Registrar Status clientTransferProhibited, clientTransferProhibited
Created on 2018-03-07
Expires on 2020-03-07

205 Woodmansterne Road, London SW16 5TY (Private House)

[email protected]

+44 7418 330685 (mobile number)

Bit Coin Address - Wallet address: 1JibjN2MYgKnysWtm49JC9tZXHakGaqgXM

From: BullOption Trading <[email protected]>

We are in receipt of your withdrawal request via Bitcoin. We ran a few checks on your account as part of protocol for approving your request. We discovered that you currently make use the ARGOBIT V6 trading software(ASV23u20) which happens to be a service from a third party signal provider. This service has accumulated the following fees;

ARGOBIT V6 auto trading ------ USD1,192.00
Premium Trading Signal Usage-- USD920.00
Risk Protection--------------- USD640.00
Sub Total------- USD2,752.40
2.00% VAT------- USD55.04
Credit---------- USD0.00
Total----------- USD2,807.04

This means that you have an outstanding signal debt you are required to settle before your withdrawal request can be approved and processed. This amount is unable to be deducted from your account as it happens to be a fee for a service by a third party. Upon request for withdrawal, an invoice was automatically generated for the settlement of your outstanding debt.

You are required to make your deposit to the stated Wallet Address below being your default method of deposit;

Wallet address: 1JibjN2MYgKnysWtm49JC9tZXHakGaqgXM
Amount: USD2,807.04

You are expected to settle this debt on or before 15/07/2019 to prevent cancellation of your currently pending withdrawal request. Also be informed that you are required to reply to this email with a copy of your receipt of transfer for the purpose of confirmation.

If you have any question or need further assistance, please let us know.

We look forward to a soonest response from you.

Thank you.


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