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SCAMMER EMAILS [email protected] and [email protected]

Hello Antonio,

Attached you can find more photos. Also please send me the delivery address.
Now I'm on the job and I'm not sure if I can start the delivery process today but I will try.
If I can't start the delivery process today, I will definitely do it tomorrow.
I will keep you informed.

Best regards!

Hello Antonio,

I was at the delivery company and I started our transaction and the delivery process.

This is the tracking number for our transaction: 4 16236904269SP.
With this tracking number, you can check the status of our transaction online, on the website of the delivery company:


The delivery company has sent you an email to confirm the Luxman is in their possession and they have provided you with shipping details and payment instructions.

Please email me and tell me if you received the email from the delivery company, so I know that everything is ok.
I wait for your reply.
Thank you!
Hello Antonio,

I will use 4 Logistics S.R.L. for delivery, here is the website : http://www.4-logistics-srl.com
If you are ready to move forward please register to the website from 4 Logistics S.R.L. (My account ==> Register) because you will receive a tracking number and you can follow the status of delivery in real time, also send me your full name, complete address (street, number, city, postal code .etc) and a phone number where you can be reached.
After I receive these information from you, I will arrange the transaction. Of course there will be a bill of sale and an invoice for you.

I wait for your reply.

Transaction details:
Dear Antonio Denosa,

First of all, thank you for using our delivery company!

• The current invoice is being sent in order to inform you that the product: "Luxman M-07", received on 14/06/2021, is under our custody and ready for delivery, Tracking Number: (4 16236904269SP).
• The transaction details can be verified accessing our website: http://www.4-logistics-srl.com and selecting the Tracking option. The tracking number must be introduced in the empty field in order to track and verify the transaction details (Seller Information, Buyer Information and Product Information).
• The transaction is managed and insured by our company and we are directly responsible with the shipping, handling and payment. In order to protect our customers we accept Bank Transfer as a payment method, known as one of the most secure paying options.
• The payment must be made to our Bank Account from our agency from Spain listed bellow:

Payment Details:
• Account Holder Name: 4 LOG FLORES VJA
• I.B.A.N: ES3101825319730200255385
• Swift Code (BIC): BBVAESMM
• Bank Name: BBVA
• Bank Address: DE SAN NICOLAS 4, 48005 BILBAO
• Country: SPAIN

The total amount to send is: EUR 1.980

• We appreciate it if the transfer is made in the SEPA format for speeding the transaction.
• After the payment is made please send us the scanned receipt from the bank (payment confirmation) by email to: [email protected]
• The shipping will be started as soon as the payment confirmation is received by us. The shipping duration is 3-4 days for Europe and 4-6 days outside Europe.
• The transaction is 100% secure. We release the funds to the seller only after the product is received, inspected and accepted by the buyer. Once it is received, the product can be verified and inspected by the buyer. If the product does not meet the agreed conditions, or it's damaged, the buyer has the right to reject the product and will receive a full refund from us. The buyer will receive the total amount sent, without any charges, the shipping fees being supported by the seller.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond as fast as we can, 7 days a week.

4 LOGISTICS S.R.L. | International Transport and Logistics
Web: http://www.4-logistics-srl.com
E-mail: [email protected]

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