Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
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Posting for another who has lost heavily with these scammers! :(

Asia Investment Securities & Finance 2000 AIF2000 was founded in 2000 and is directed and managed by former professionals within the Military Community.
Our entire management staff has extensive military and security experience. We have used this experience to install self-discipline in our staff and make them responsive to our clients needs.
We can provide exclusive special protection, investigation and surveillance in United Kingdom and in the former Soviet Union countries.

AIF2000 was founded by Mr. Haixiong C. Lawrence in 2006 brought to his company over 25 years of experience as a special services officer with former Soviet Union government. Since its conception, AIF2000 gained recognition for providing outstanding security training and services. AIF2000 is a full service firm dealing with multi-faceted world of both the private sector and law enforcement needs. AIF2000 offers security training, fire prevention tasks, investigative services, eavesdropping countermeasures (debugging) services, video surveillances, physical surveillance, video monitoring, security services, security equipment and security consultation


Mr. Haixiong C. Lawrence ---- Position: Diplomat
Former Military Senior Officer of the Marine Sea Fleet. Directs and Coordinates all investigations.
Licensed by FDNY as a Fire Safety Director Course Instructor, Security Guards Training and Fire Guard Instructor. A member of: ALDONYS, NAIS, IBSSA
Colonel Richard Kemp

Mr. John J. Wu ----- Position: Diplomat
Chief of AIF2000 Fire Science Institute/Head Instructor. Over 7 Years Operational System Safety Experience

Ms. Joyce K. Ken ---- Position: Diplomat

Other pictures used
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From: [email protected]

> Attn: ****************,

> In regards to your proposed consignments delivery with Identification/Ref No:
> GPSF/GBIZXXAR/OGHGB25 & Deposit No: GPSF/COD/XX-206,i hereby inform you that
> in an attempt to proceed with the delivery of your Consignments by our
> diplomats,we received a STOP ORDER notice from the Malaysian Custom at the
> Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

> Our Diplomats had a big problem and terrible situation with the Malaysia
> Airport Authorities and Custom officers as they insisted to inspect the
> consignment on customs check points before departure,but our diplomats made
> it known and understood to them that our diplomatic immunity and Diplomatic
> certificate/license of operations do not permit them to inspect our consignments
> and for this reason our diplomats were detained at the Airport and this lead to
> them Missing their Flight.

> A phone call was made to us by the Malaysia Customs and Airport Authority
> and this quickly drew the attention of our Director of operations (Mr.John Wu)
> who immediately proceeded to the Kuala Lumpur International Airport for proper
> confirmations and resolve of this problem but all efforts proved abortive.

> The Malaysia Customs made us understood the new policy on diplomatic movement
> via Asia community port of entry Airports because of recent Money Laundering &
> Terrorist activities and that all diplomatic Consignments/Luggage's that is not
> opened for inspection must pass through a scanning machine at the Airport which
> they did and found out that your Consignments/Luggage contains large sum of money.

> The Malaysia customs threatened to seize the consignment if we don’t provide
> CERTIFICATE to proove that this money has been cleared from Money Laundering and
> will not be used for sponsoring terrorism of any Kind.They Further Explained that
> if you do not have this documents in your possessions you have to expedite the
> payment of US $14,880.00 (Fourteen Thousand,Eight Hundred And Eighty United States
> Dollars) to acquire these documents.

> We were made to understand that the customs will hold the consignments until the
> carrier presents the Malaysia customs INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND CERTIFICATE(IMF)
> and ANTI-TERRORIST CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE required to obtain the release of the
> consignments.You are hereby advise to make payments for the aforementioned documents
> so that we can proceed with the next available flight to deliver your consignments.

> Further Information's on how to Make payments for the said charges will be communicated
> to you upon your request for directives and instructions on how to send the Money.You
> are advised to swiftly make the said payments as soon as possible to enable us obtain
> from the Malaysia Custom Service and for swift release of your consignment to you.

> I have attached to this e-mail scanned copy of the notice as received from the Malaysian
> Custom for your urgent attention.Please we will like you to expedite action as contained
> in the stop order for immediate conclusion of your Consignments delivery process.
> Treat As Urgent.

> Sincerely Yours,
> Mrs.Carol Wong
>(Administrative Officer)

> Lot No. TL 8374-6, Lubok Temiang
> Tanjong Aru Road 87010 W.P. Lebuan,
> Malaysia.
> TEL: +60169792854 +60173601965
> Email: [email protected]
[email protected]
> Service Hour: 24 Hours/7 Days a Week

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