Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
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MAX Express Logistics at http://maxexpresslogistics.com

Copies from here: http://www.multishipping.no/html/zim_info.html
MAX Express Logistics offers transportation services along most of the major international trading routes to customers throughout the world. From its corporate headquarters it operates an intermodal system, which combines sea, land, and air transportation, enabling the Company to provide fast, reliable, frequent, and complete door-to-door services around the world.

Since its establishment in 1954, Service to clients through modernization and improvement have always been the hallmark of our company.

The company has over 500 employees and annualized revenues exceeding $200 million.

Domain registered 8th July 2013 for 1 year only.
Communication and information Services

The Company has developed and operates sophisticated information and communication systems. These systems integrate all of the Company's activities and operations through a worldwide computer network that links over 200 sites. Customers can be linked to the Company's network and benefit from on-line current information. The Company co-ordinates and monitors its fleet of vessels, containers and chassis, in addition to other services it provides, using its modern information and communication systems. The Company's worldwide network includes 3,000 online computer terminals at the Company's head office, area offices, ports and agents' offices, as well as on board vessels.

Third Party Agency - we act as a trusted middle-man for both the seller and buyer, offering them great security and fast movement for national and international transactions. Our fees are not cheap, but still, when dealing with your money or merchandise as we do the money is not important. If you will not be satisfied with our way of dealing with your belongings then we will refund you with any fee you have paid.

No contact details – just email addresses
"You delivered what you promised. Thank you. Dad is comfortable in his new environment with his things thanks to you and your professional staff. If I ever need the same type of service again, I'll call"

The testimonials here: http://maxexpresslogistics.com/testimonials.php are also used by Conx Logistics Ltd here:
http://www.conxlogistics.nz.serverident ... onials.php
CONX Logistics has been registered in 1997 with Registration Number NZ-967132. The company has over 300 employees.

Services we provide - Our company, CONX LOGISTICS LTD provides the largest amount of online and ground services, shipping and handling and, the most important, lately we have introduced the "Third Party Agency" for online transactions over 500 Pounds. The online services are simple to use, but very important when dealing with long distance transactions, when the buyer can not inspect the merchandise for himself, nor the seller can protect himself from losing his products.

CONX LOGISTICS LTD Named Best International Moving Company at the 2011 European EMMA Awards

well no, that was Robinsons Relocation Ltd as it says here:
http://totallyexpat.com/2011-european-e ... nners-2011

No contact details – just email addresses
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Oh dear CONX Logistics Ltd don't appear to have noticed that their customers have all got their name wrong on the testimonials page.



CONCX LOGISTICS LTD was very professional......

That's one website and/or website developer that can be canned, or perhaps that was his problem. :lol:

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