Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
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Portsfields Standard Bank at http://acupuncturecanaid.com


This one will be gone soon, but I am posting it because it made me laugh to think of a bank's brains trust trying to think of a suitable name for their internet banking site and coming up with Acupuncture can aid.

Who We Are

Our employees are dedicated to maintaining a level of professionalism and commitment to quality that is reminiscent of the foundation upon which our bank was conceived over 20 years ago.

This is our heritage. This is how we will grow. We are surrounded by our customers, our neighbors and friends, who trust us with their finances. It is this trust we honor, and are committed to strengthening. It is the Hallburge Group that has carried Portsfields Standard Bank through over 20 years, and one we carry proudly into the new millennium.

Our Comprehensive Products and Services

Hallburge's ability to combine international expertise with in-depth knowledge and experience places us in a unique position to serve customers' domestic and international needs. The Bank's pioneering role reflects its long-term commitment to its customers and to the Continent. Its extensive range of corporate financial products, which include import-export, money markets, treasury and foreign exchange services, and personal financial services are unrivalled.

Our new web-based solution platform, Hallburge boasts of unrivalled security credentials with the introduction of security technology, 'Virtual Keyboard'. Employing the best-of-breed technologies in Hallburge, Hallburge customers were one of the earliest to enjoy online cheque image enquiry.

The Bank launched a fully-fledged Internet Banking in January 2002, the first foreign-controlled bank to do so. Its website offers an impressive range of services, including fund and telegraph transfers, share applications, bill payments, credit card advances and cheque-book and account statement requests.

The Bank was also the first and the only bank to offer a dual security log-into Internet Banking via its Security Device.


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