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#218628 by Michelle Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:40 am
From: DHL Property UK Rentals <[email protected]>
Date: Sep 2014 at 1:25 PM
Subject: DHL-Property Transaction Case ID 93Z51Q72K271 - Furnished 1-Bedroom Apartment 74 m² in Torino Italy
To: Michelle Banks

DHL UK-Worldwide Company Delivery - London Office:
Company No. NL03780045
Nature of Business (SIC(03)
6024 - Freight transport by road

Welcome to DHL Property United Kingdom. Our company is the Worldwide market leader in global Express, Logistics,Rental Homes and International Mail Services.

Your invoice for DHL-Property Transaction Case ID 93Z51Q72K271 - Furnished 1-Bedroom Apartment 74 m² in Torino Italy

Frank Nelmes has started a new transaction for Furnished 1-Bedroom Apartment 74 m² in Torino Italy through DHL Property.
We have verified all the details of this transaction and concluded that they are accurate.
Please follow our instructions to complete the transaction safely. We have in our custody warehouse the keys and the rental agreement signed by the Owner.

Dear Michelle Banks

Congratulations! You are approved to rent the apartment located in Via Dell' Arcivescovado, 10121 Torino Italy from Frank Nelmes
In consideration of the amount of Euro 1000.00 inclusive of all rent taxes (500,00 Euro Monthly Rent + 500,00 Euro Security Month Deposit) ,Frank Nelmes as the Landlord,
rent and deliver to Michelle Banks as the Tenant, the keys and the rent contract through DHL Property.

* Note : The full address of the apartment ( Floor/Nr ) will be disclosed as soon as your payment will be verified.

Tracking ( Consignement ) Number: AU53XXXXXXXWW ( Full Tracking Number Available After the Payment is Transferred ).

Our company is the WORLD market leader in Global Air Express and international mail services.

DHL Property Third Party Service reduces risks associated with Internet transactions by acting as a licensed neutral third party for online transactions. The Owner delivers the package to one of nearest DHL Property agents for the evaluation of contents. The package will remain in the company custody until the receiver will send the payment by Priority Service Bank Transfer.After verifying the funds DHL Property is ready to ship the parcel to the designated address.

The Rental process for the completion of a transaction (Rent or Sale) through Internet can be done in five simple steps:

1. The Owner and the Tenant agree to the terms (DHL Property) and details of the transaction. The owner leaves in the DHL Property the keys of the apartment, the ownership
certificate (Valid) and an official contract signed and completed .
The tenant will receive an electronic invoice(e-Mail) with the official Transaction Case.
2. The Tenant sends a deposit to our DHL Property verified agent. Payment is verified and deposited into a trust account.
3. DHL Property send an agent to deliver the keys and documents to the Tenant registered address.
4. The Tenant rent the apartment after having the opportunity to inspect it.
5. DHL Property pays the owner after all conditions of the transaction are met.

DHL Property is one of Worldwide's most recognisable brands attracting thousands of rental agreements every month. In addition, our advanced technology allows us to market your property to tenants across our entire network of offices.

Owner Information
Full Name Frank Nelmes
Address 13 Upper Wimpole Street
London W1G 6LP
Country United Kingdom
Status Approved
Tenant Information-Delivery Address
Full Name Michelle Banks
Address 419 Rue De La Remarks
Country Ladland
Status Approved
Shipment Information:

Service: DHL Property Global Air Express
Delivered In: 2 Days
Description of Package: Apartment Keys ,Rental Contract verified signed by the Sender,Ownership Certificate checked by our Staff
Shipping & Handling: Euro 0,00
Immediate payment: Euro 1000.00

NOTE: You will receive the Tracking Number after the payment is confirmed to us.

Payment Information:
The DHL Property Tenant Protection service guarantees to its customers full safety for their transactions by collecting, holding and disputing funds
according to Tenant and Owner instructions. To enjoy the purchase protection, you must submit payment by WesternUnionMoneyTransfer to the
following DHL Property Representative Agent.

How to send the payment:

Send the payment (1000.00 Euro ) by WesternUnion using the following DHL Property Representative account Details :

DHL Property Regional Financial Officer Payment Account Details

First Name Brian Gark
Last Name Edwards
Address 3 Fenchurch Place
City London
Postal Code EC3M 4AJ
Country United Kingdom

Mr. Brian Gark Edwards is our DHL Property Regional Financial Officer designed to handle your transaction and we will assume responsibility for the
financial activities so any kind of fraud to be avoided. All deposits collected by DHL Property Property Services Ltd are secured with DPS. http://www.depositprotection.com

Payment instructions:

To submit the payment with Western Union Money Transfer, please follow the instructions:
Pay for the transfer with cash at a localWestern Union agent.
Click on the link to locate the agents in your area http://www.westernunion.com, and select the "Find Agent Location" option.

*Through this e-mail we have the pleasure to inform you that the merchandise has been left in our custody.The shipping fee was paid by the Owner.
*The Payment Informations about the Western Union Money Transfer must be sent to us for verification.
*The Payment Informations that you need to send to us are:

- A picture with the WesternUnion receipt as a proof of your payment .

1. MTCN (Money Control Transfer Number )
2. Sender full name
3. Sender full address
4. Receiver full name
5. Amount sent
For security reasons please DO NOT release the payment details to the Owner or any other unauthorized person.

Please attach us the picture with the original WesternUnion receipt as the proof of your payment.
*Please send us the payment information to our Payment DHL Property email address:
[email protected]

Contact Information

If you need assistance or have questions regarding DHL Property Delivery International
Please e-mail customer Service at
[email protected]


*** Once the transfer will be verified and our DHL Property Representative confirms payment, we will start the shipping process. We will hold the funds until you send us your confirmation that you are satisfied with the Apartment and you will sign the contract .As soon as we receive your confirmation we will release payment to the Owner.


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