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#167148 by jonpaul Tue May 28, 2013 5:28 pm
THis is the 3 rd time that I received this email asking for PC Support employment this is what it said:

I have 7 of my company's laptops (HP dv2500)for upgrading/reformatting, advice if both is part of your service line . All i need is you to remove Trojan virus that attacked all seven computers and re install avg free anti virus, And i want you to upgrade all computers from window vista Business to windows 7 professional. i have back up files for all computers,They have been attacked by various Trojan. Kindly advise the service charges for all the 7 laptop computers i mean how much is your charges if you to fixed all the laptop for me.

All computers are the same model,i want AVG home edition free anti virus,I will be providing windows 7 Professional Cd and License keys.

Looking forward to read from you.

Mark Ginthar
Setermech Service Solution

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