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#373884 by Palmergeddon Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:04 pm
From: Sahara Mining Company <[email protected]>
Phone: +228 98312956

Subject: Your Email Have Won The Sum Of $900,000.00 USD...
REF: IGML/2017119308/03
BATCH: 18/2017/IGL.


You are one of the four lucky winners from Sahara mining company lottery Togo, email addresses were randomly selected from a batch of 100,000,000 international emails addresses from all over the world.

Winners were picked randomly via a balloting process powered by Your email won a jackpot of $900,000.00 united state dollars (Nine Hundred thousand United State Dollars) each in the just concluded Sahara mining company lottery on 11th July 2018.

Your winning cash prize of ($900,000.00 us dollars) has been credited into an ATM visa card and deposited in our lottery office in Togo on your behalf.

You are advice now to contact our lottery office e-mail address below, contact person in our office is Mrs. Tina Adams, and she is in charge in delivery your ATM visa card to your home address through DHL express delivery Services.

Which you can be withdrawing a total of ($10,000.00 USD daily) Ten thousand dollars daily from your ATM visa card per day as programmed by the Bank.

E-mail: [email protected]
Contact person Mrs. Tina Adams
Contact telephone : (+228 98312956)

Note: you have to pay $99 dollars to DHL shipping office to enable them delivery your ATM visa card to your home address,This company cannot pay for the shipment of your ATM visa card to your home, it is the responsibility of the winner to pay for the shipment of his or her ATM visa card.

If you cannot pay for the shipping of your ATM visa card to your home do not contact the above email, congratulations once more from Sahara mining company lottery...

Best regard

Mr. John David,
Assistant lottery coordinators

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