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#375086 by Mike Wilson Sat Oct 20, 2018 8:32 pm
[email protected]
Phone: +91-960-667-3512

Sub: MoU for payment clearance (International)
Dear Mxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
An amount of GBP 850000.00 from Coca Cola, UK has been received here at Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on your behalf.
It is further to be transferred to your local bank account in Tanzania as provided. Due to the hard cover tamper proof insurance bond attached to your file, we are unable to deduct the cash handling charge required by the Government of India.
Please arrange for the Cash Handling Charge of USD 678.00 to be paid to the Government of India (GOI-Revenue department) and the transfer of the funds into your nominated account shall be initiated.
You are to send the fee through Western Union or Moneygram in the name of the following officer, who shall remit it on your behalf. Please send the payment receipt confirmation to [email protected]
Your funds shall reflect into your account in no later than 3 working hours post the receipt of your fee.
Country: INDIA
Phone: +91-960-667-3512
Wishing you prosperous future!
Dr. Urjit Patel
Reserve Bank of India
New Delhi - 110 001

No. 6, Sansad Margh, New Delhi - 110 001
Phone: +91 (960)(667)(3512) Email: [email protected]

It is ALWAYS a scam
If the pet seller or shipper asks for money to be sent via Western Union, Money Gram, any brand of gift card. Walmart To Walmart , Zelle , PayPal friends and family option, or mentions Cameroon

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