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#380902 by MikeAD65 Thu Jan 31, 2019 1:06 pm
I just got a call from a woman who called herself Mary Wright. Phone number 775-832-5323. She claims to be with the Nevada state gaming council. She said that I had signed up for a giveaway in June 2017 with a company called USA Direct Award, and that I won $450 thousand dollars. That I was notified and she was wondering why I haven't claimed my winnings. The told me that I needed to contact a law firm called Dunn & Singer law office number 702-472-8692. I was informed that I needed to call them to get a compliance report so the money could be transferred from Nevada to my state, Arizona. I haven't called the lawyer yet, and probably won't, but I'm sure that they will need a retainer that I can pay over the phone with my credit card.

I did a search on all of the information that I received and found nothing.

#380923 by Tim Atem Fri Feb 01, 2019 6:28 am
It's a scam.

(702) 472-8692
Type: Non-Fixed VoIP
(e.g. Skype or Google Voice)

The other phone number is probably spoofed - it shows that it's a landline in Nevada.


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