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Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2019 01:07:28 +0000
From: Toyota Motor Corporation <[email protected]>
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Congratulations to you as we bring to your notice, the results of the category draws winner of TOYOTA AUTOMOBILE LOTTERY, you have won 7 Million Dollars and a Brand New Toyota Land Cruiser SUV (2018), International programs held today in Malaysia.The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email
selection system (ess) from a database of over 500,000 email addresses drawn from all the continents of the world. This Toyota Automobile Lottery is approved by the British Gaming Board and also Licensed by the International Association of Gaming Regulators(IAGR).To begin the processing of your prize do send the below information.

Claims Requirements:

1. Name in full-----------------------
2. Address----------------------------
3. Sex--------------------------------
4. Age--------------------------------
5. Occupation-------------------------
6. Phone------------------------------
7. Present Country--------------------

Winners are advised to keep their winning details/information confidential from the public to avoid fraudulent claim(IMPORTANT) pending the delivery or claim by winner.

Congratulations Once Again.

Best Regards.
Yong Zedong

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