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#384760 by Tim Atem Sat Apr 27, 2019 8:11 am
from: elGordo Lottery Board - [email protected]
other email: [email protected]

From the Publicity Desk of the 2019 EL-GORDO MEGA BONANZA
Congratulations ,

The elGordo lottery Board wishes to inform you of the results of the international email ballot program held on the 11th of April, 2019. Your email address emerged as one of the lucky winners, you have been awarded the sum of €1,890,000.00 (One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Euros). Your fund has been issued with ref number: EMB/ 47509/117/7002 and your winning number: elGordo-30995-MD9. For verification and claims; below is the email address of the grant processing officer in charge of your winnings;

Contact person: Mr Marvel Petters
Email: [email protected]

You are required to send your Name, phone number, country, ref number and winning number to the processing officer's email above.

Please note that as part of the laid down policies of the elGordo Lottery Board and its affiliates, you are to meet up with necessary requirements by the responsible parties in charge of the payout.

Ensure that your response email is addressed to: [email protected]

On behalf of the elGordo Lottery Board kindly accept our warmest compliments

Best regards,
Online Coordinator


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