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REF: LIGMIS/2019119308/03
BATCH: 2019/GIL.


You are one the four lucky winners. from IALottery Togo email users that won jackpot of $950,000.00 united state dollars (Nine Hundred and fifty thousand United State Dollars) each in the just concluded IALottery lottery Winners - 2019

Winners were picked randomly via a balloting process powered by your winning cash prize of ($950,000.00 us Dollars) has been credited into an ATM visa card and deposited in our lottery office in Togo on your behalf.

You are advice now to contact our lottery office e-mail address below, contact person in the office is Mr. Kevin Jacob, and him is in charge in delivery your ATM visa card to your home through UPS Express Delivery Services.

Which you can be withdrawing a total of ($10,000.00 US daily) Ten thousand dollars daily from your ATM visa card per day as program by the bank.

Contact person Mr. Kevin Jacob
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact telephone number: (+ 228 96613421)

Your $950,000.00 Us Dollars, has been credited into an ATM visa card, which will be delivery to you through UPS Express services to your home address.

Note: you have to pay the sum of $99 dollars to Mr. Kevin Jacob, to enable he pay to the UPS express delivery service on your behalf, so that UPS will ship your ATM visa card to your home address.

This company cannot pay for shipment fee of your ATM visa card to your home, it is the responsibility of the winner to pay for the shipment fee of his or he ATM visa card to your home address.

If you can not pay for the shipping fee of your ATM visa card to your home address, do not contact the above email contact.
Kindly contact the above mention person in our lottery office, to enable he we deliver your ATM visa card to your home address.

Congratulations once more from IALottery Award -2019

Best regard
Mr.Matthew Jack,
Assistant lottery coordinators

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