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#410078 by hallonkev Sun May 10, 2020 9:14 pm
From:Publishers Clearing House • [email protected]
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Date:May 10, 2020, 10:00

Congratulations you have won yourself ($1,000,000.00 USD) in our PCH (email) draws. Your email address was entered for the online draw on this Free Ticket Number: 095-73816066-04 and
won on this Lucky Number: 09-02-07-16-12-16-27. To file for claim, please contact our Director PCH prize patrol team with her contact below:
Mrs. Kathryn Lauren
Director PCH Prize Patrol
Jericho, New York, United States
E-mail: [email protected]
In your reply to her email you are required to reconfirm your details. You are to establish contact with the Following details below
Residential/Office Address
Fax Number

Thanks & Regards
Mrs. Angelo Tim Cuzzucoli
Publishers Clearing House
Jericho, New York, United States

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