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#412643 by NoDigitalFootprint Mon Jun 22, 2020 12:47 pm
(From email address: [email protected])


Attention : Email Account Owner,

Congratulations! Following the recently held international lottery draw, we are happy to announce that you have won the UK international award prize of £275,000 ( Two hundred and seventy five thousand British Pounds Sterling).

Your active e-mail addresses attached to computer generated ticket number : DUK92661-00H with reference number 004910108366 has won the UK lottery 2nd category award prize.

Contact our claims agent immediately to commence the release of your award prize by providing the details as listed below :

1. Full Name
2. Age and Occupation
3. Ticket number and Reference Number
4. Phone Number
5. City and Country

Contact our accredited agent below for your claim :

UK National Lottery Payment Officer
Leicester Regional centre
Mr. Robert Lewis

Congratulations once again.

Yours Faithfully,
Rebecca M. Fernandez
Online Coordinator,
The UK International Lottery Promotion Inc.

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