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#423046 by FishyMails Tue Feb 02, 2021 3:37 pm
From: "Barr. Mrs Mary Frank\"" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 02 Feb 2021 06:50:23 +0100
Subject: New Year 2021 transfer update.

Hello Dear, i am Mrs Sussane Clady from funds authority i want to use
this platform to let you know that we have set up the transfer
instructions on your behalf which total of $45000 usd will be send to
you because your email won the amount but before the transfer will be
released you only need to pay for the registration fee to enable us
register your name on our transfer record and it will only cost $50
usd for you to be among so try and get back to me for more details
regarding this transfer asap.

Funds Authority Manager.

Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

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