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#425440 by Basil Brush Wed May 12, 2021 3:40 pm
From: Mr. Thomas Baldassare <[email protected]>
Date: Wed 2021-05-12 4:22 PM
Subject: From Cross Keys Bank USA. follow the instruction Once you get this message Email Owner this will be the last time I will email you again

From Cross Keys Bank USA.
Contact Person: Mr.Thomas Baldassare,
Accountant Officer (Cross Keys Bank)
Cross Keys Bank 307 Plank Rd. Saint Joseph,
Louisiana 71366 United States of America

$8.5 Millions USD Payment notification from Cross Keys Bank USA (RKBu).

Dear Email Owner,

I am Mr.Thomas Baldassare the President and CEO Cross Keys Bank USA (RKBu).

I am very Surprise for your continued silence towards your Fund
My greatest supersaturation is this I sent you an email but you did not reply.
On a serious note,you are given 48hrs to comply with the fee or your
payment file will be return to the Authority as unclaimed fund.

This transaction is lottery won by your e-mail address via online
active email address selected from sponsor of Coca Cola Company award.
With due respect and utmost courtesy, we write to officially regarding
the release of your award Winning fund valued sum of $8,500,000.00 USD
from Coca Cola Company which was approved for release via Swift
Telegraphic Wire Transfer into your nominated bank account.

I am Mr. David I McKay the President and CEO Cross Keys Bank USA your
appointed bank officer who is working on your behalf for the
actualization of fund crediting/transfer into your personal bank
account. Be well informed that our bank Cross Keys Bank USA was
successful opened Cross Keys Bank USA checking Account in your name
which will helps us to have a smoothly transfer from Cross Keys Bank
USA to your Nominated bank account, and your Cross Keys Bank USA
Checking Account Booklet and Cross Keys Bank USA Platinum MasterCard
will Delivered to your destination house within the stipulated time
frame of 24 hours upon receipt of the Activation fee of $50.00 USD
only Google play card.or iTunes gift card This means that as soon as
we receive the activation fee we will make the delivery of your Cross
Keys Bank USA Checking Account Booklet and Cross Keys Bank USA
Platinum MasterCard to your address between 24 hours

Your Cross Keys Bank USA (RKBu) account details are as follow;
Account Number: 6021253365.
Swift Code: 239936957
Routing # 053904483

I will advice you purchase Google pay or iTunes gift card and send it
i will be faster but send only Google pay of $50 if you can send it
today send me the pictures so that i will redeem it to cash and you
will get your package

please contact us as we strive to ensure that you will always receive
a prompt and
courteous attention.

Mr. Thomas Baldassare,
Chair Of the Cross Keys Bank USA.
Co-chief Operating Officer,
E-MAIL:: ([email protected])
Cross Keys Bank®
Corporate Office, NY
Federal Cross Keys Bank USA, N.A. Member FDIC

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