You can't win a lottery you haven't entered! Please read here for information on lottery scams.
#354 by Mary Slone Sat Jul 21, 2007 6:21 am
This is a sample of a lottery scam that is currently in circulation, so if you receive one of is a scam

(Customer Services)
TICKET NUMBER:023-1111-790-458

Congratulations once again from all the staff here. I am in receipt of your mail and I must say that you should count yourself extremely lucky to have emerged as one of our winners in this year lucky dip sweepstakes. As you already know your email address was randomly selected along with others from over 125,000 website on the internet of which your email address ([email protected]) was attached to a ticket number"023-1111-790-458".Your BATCH NUMBER is 065/088/XY24 , and REFERENCE NUMBER is UK/839030X2/14. It was selected along with others as winners. I have finally verified your winnings and it's exactly with what is present on our Database. Your particulars have been documented for record purposes.

You can now begin the final step of the claims process, which is the transferring of your cash prize to you.Please fill in the verification form provided below:.

1.Full Name___________________________
2.Full Address_________________________
3.Marital Status_____________________
8.Country Of Residence______________
9.Telephone Number_______________
10.Fax Number______________________
11.Ticket Numbe
12.Reference Number_______________
13.Batch Number____________________

With regards to this,please contact the courier department with the informations provided below:.

Company Name:Scammers 'company' name
Email: scammers email address
Phone: this will be a untraceable mobile number
Dispatch Agent:Scammers name

They are responsible for sending the original documents and funds to you.Your documents and funds will be couriered to you as soon as you adhere to all instructions,from the courier department.This documents will be forwarded to the Lottery headquarters for final payment of your prize money. Please oblige to follow their instructions so the document can get to your present address on time. Do ensure to file your claims to them with a copy of your verification particulars and scaned copies of driver's lisence or any form of national identity.Endeavour to make your winnings confidential during the process of the transfer of your winnings,to avoid double claims.

Thank you for your understanding
Regards Mr Patrick Taylor

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#358 by GomerPyle Sat Jul 21, 2007 8:57 am
Though scam lottery mails can claim to be representing any lottery in any part of the world, many claim to be based in the UK, most frequently The National Lottery. There are only two legal lotteries operating in the UK, and one, even the scammers have never heard of.

The one they frequently masquerade as, is the National Lottery and this link details how the real company operates ... ommonscams

and from this you will easily confirm that any first contact e-mail purporting to come from them is a scam. They don't contact you by e-mail, as you have to contact them with the winning ticket. No ticket ? - you haven't won. Even a winner can't claim without a ticket.

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