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#211777 by AlanJones Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:35 am
Greetings to you and your family as this letter may come to you as a surprise due to the fact that we have not yet met. My name is Maria Carreiro, i am 51 year old from Canada. I won $40 million in Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission on the 8th of April 2013. i was a factory worker before and helps care for my five grandchildren, i have been playing the lottery for years, but i have always used my three children's birthdays as the numbers, but this time i let the computer choose the numbers for me. My husband works so hard and we've been struggling so much, Not anymore, i have already quit my job.

Like i said before on the interview in the press conference, i bought a nice big new house in Hawaii and nice cars and i also bought so many things for my kids, me and my husband went on honeymoon.

God has really bless me and my family with Ontario Lottery, we can not keep all the blessing alone while there are people suffering out there and they need help, i want to help the less privilege and the poor needful people around the world.

Watch my video from Or read my story from my link below and see how i won my Ontario Lottery. ... 42349.html

My self and my lovely family has decided to help the less privilege and the charity homes in the world with the total sum of $20 million, I have donated the sum of $5 million to charity home in Africa, $5 million to charity home in South America, $5 million to charity home in Europe and $5 million to charity home in Asia, i understand that there is so many people in your Country who needs help and a better life, that is why 1 have decided to give-out the last $5 million to a trust worthy person in Your Country.

I can not donate the money to people in your Country all by myself because i have not be there before, i went on internet to search for a trust and reliable person in your Country to help me carry out my wishes, i know you will not disappoint me. for your honesty, trust, capability and assistance you will render in this donation, I will offer you and your family 20%( $1, million) of the $5 Million for your personal use also. I will want you to disburse the balance 80%( $4, million) to some organizations that stands for the needy, less privilege, orphans and charity home etc.

I believe you have gone through my story and my intention to assist the needful people. So i would like you to tell me more about yourself and by filling your Name and Address below for more introduction.

Full Name
Mobile Number

To enable me know you more better am expecting you to send your name and address and contact number. My regard to you and your entire family.

Best Regards

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