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#132869 by Jeannie Wed Nov 07, 2012 2:40 pm
I had only been on for approximately 2 days. I'm a middle aged woman whose husband just left one day after 33 years so,in other words,gullible. I was basically just learning how to navigate the system when all of a sudden one evening,unsolicitaed,I get an email from someone supposedly from my homestae asking if I wIanted to chat. He used all the right,enticing and complimentary words. Very quicly into our chatting on that site he asked me to switch over to yahoo IM and block my profile from anyone else.
He told me that he was widowed and had a 14 year old adopted son who he had to leave in Africa,where he and his wife had adopted him from and since he had NO family,he was there with the orphange while he was deployed. We chatted for 2 weeks when all of a sudden he says that he has not heard from his son in 2 weeks and could I contact the caretaker and see what happened. Foolishly,I did this. I reported back to the soldier,Joshua MacCroll,the response. Ohhh,could I go buy a laptop and ship it to him and he will "pay me back as soon as he came off the plane in one month" My intuition told me don't do it,stop corresponding now,block him and forget about it. I did that. BUT,he had reigned me in and after 2 days we chatted again.
Oh,he said,I had made him so sad. I fell hard for it and did what he asked. I did NOT buy the $1100.00 laptop for his son but instead,a $350 Dell model BUT--and this is where I should have run--it cost me 450.. to ship to Ghana. DUH!! All of a sudden it hit me!!! I knew it was wrong. I googled his name and went through every page until I found his name on a "ripoff" report site. He had done the EXACT same thing just a day before we started chatting. How flipping embarrassing on me. I had even written a few amourous terms in Italian (he told me he was Italian) but he never responded. So, I immediately reported him on the ripoff site and included pictures,I called the FBI and called fed ex to stop the package. It was already on a private carrier to Ghana by then and there was no stopping it. I called every day to say don't deliver it. It is finally,7 days later on the way back to me. He has done everything that is warned here. He has blamed me for making him evil in front of the whole nation. He has accused me of depriving his son of a new laptop. He stated that I have ruined his life and put him to shame for no reason. He got very nasty last evening.
I know I have no recourse. I will be lucky if I get the laptop back and can try to return it.It is also going to cost me to have it returned.
I feel foolish. I am smarter than this. Am I so desperate that I let myself fall for this? I will never ever chat with someone who can't provide an address or phone number because "he is top secret and could be treasoned" puhleez!! The whole story follows the typical soldier scam. I hope no one else falls for him.
Thank you for letting me tell my scam story.

#132877 by ratt84 Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:55 pm
so sorry to hear that you got scammed
could you provide the email address of this guy?

the name is not that often ...
I just had contact with sb. who goes by that name ..., will send you the links via PM as we don't wanna post innocent peopla here

However, I'm quite sure that 'my' MacCroll is a scammer as he also uses the pic of a well known scammer in his album !
#132878 by ratt84 Wed Nov 07, 2012 4:48 pm
okay, Jeannie confirmed that she received one of the pics from her scammer

email address he provided to me ...
[email protected]

Joshua Maccroll
Location: Stoughton, MA
Male, 51


his address leads to a profile on FB
Joshua MacCroll
Joined Facebook May 28

there is a second Joshua MacCroll on FB
also without further information


the additional pic he uploaded shows a 'Witt Family' member


he didn't write back yet
however, the 'Witts' generally reside in Ghana

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