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Romance Scammer - Clark Ervin Edward - [email protected]

Facebook profile -

Thanks for the nice massage sent you to me, I have a business on my own I am self-employed I have a gallery here in London i buying and selling artwork and precious materials like diamonds gold and silver, I do travell alot alot for the Arts I dervoice my wife because I Meent have her with my best friend on my materi monia bed because it had I not friends of the only friend I have, and the family, me and my daughter Sonia I is not friends more hold, since the first day when I saw your profile, I was entranced. because she is a woman is trusting very difficult to trust a woman you my life you made me, my late mother feel rember, I have three years lonely Now I want someone I can my wife, love, joy, I was always be with you until I die till death us way I told my daughter I want to get back to marry her was very happy that I want you to have her mother now for maternal care looking for a few years she is very happy to meet you, i want you, me your love, passion, confidence care and give your heart a lot more you want to give me, I'm a very serious man, I mean every word I say to you I wants to share my life with you I want to hold your hand I will be with you until death do us way, I do not know you to be my friend, I want you to want my life, my love, my angel I the rest to share my life with you, I have alot travell I want to settle down now, please send me your pictures, and hope my pictures to hear from you soon your Prince
Hello my darling angel, it's so good to hear from you.humm, yes, I know, would you say there is a great distance between us, and why should I write you when I know you are far away, beautiful I want you to know that in a relationship distance does not matter, as long as it did the communication, love and Trust.When i registered on little, I know, I wanted so easy to find a woman like you , i has placed no preference as women from different countries came and with your beautiful smile to read to your profile and look at your beautiful photos of that man nuts I said can go to me, where is this queen been all my life ?
I am greatfull to God I found you Angel and I'll Sherish, revere, respect and care for you.I my wife with my best friend slept'm divorced so I pulled away from my friends and they and took my daughter with me.I am the only child of my parents, both dead relatives or no nephews.I now, used alone to be with me in this world and my daughter now I think I someone part (you) have to be determined.

Hello my dear, how are you?
I write to you now I write in tears, honey After we came out of the booking office again, we went to the hotel room back, and Sonia complained of a slight headache, and I Casette her aspirin, it was fine Then Suddenly she dips and i Redbourn her hospital 'hotels where it was little treatment, and she is recovering, and we went within another 30 minutes back to the hote, honey.
She fainted, and I had to hurry, they rush to the general hospital where the doctor diagnosed her of Severy malaria and typhoid disease, honey They gave her, and I was to pay aksed $ 2500 Honey, I my wallet quickly to check and see, I have only $ 1,000 of which I put it quickly, and I went here to use my credit card honey, but they do not have the opportunity here for me to use my credit card ....
And the doctor said only if the money I ask honey you inthe name of love and God please, please help me with the $ 1,500 remaining, so que If I come to you is finished que allow him commerce treatment on my daughter, I will pay back with interest itself

Scammer admits to scamming

I want to confess now, cause i see you are really a disciplinarian
Staying in Nigeria, but I have financial problems
After Completing Scholar activities
You can call me with the Number i provided Earlier
Princely Eke, the number is from Nigeria
There is famine, and i have no family again
i am all alone
I lost my family during the Tribal War

Stolen photos used:
Image Image Image

The scammer's Real? photo (personal message to victim removed to protect her identity):

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Leon Pikor again
Dave Rose
51 Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia
Create Date 23/08/2016 17:01
Last Login 28/08/2016 10:33

About Me
I am a loving and very honest guy I’m right here and ready to turn my attention to your fulfillment. I’m easy going and down to earth but even the boy next door has his dirty secrets and lust to for adventure. I enjoy any work that requires the skill of hand. I am attentive to detail and work to satisfy the client’s needs with my own unique approach to whatever is asked of me. You will be sure to get a respectful and dedicated individual with time spent with me.

Looking For
looking for love, happiness and romantic date

Height(cm) 161
Weight(kg) 65

Image Image

Hello dear and how are you doing? I guess you are doing fine? You have a Lovely and cute Picture.....And i was Just browsing through when your lovely Picture caught my attention!! You are just too pretty and I thought of sending you a message, I just want you to know that these aren't. flatters because I just believe that your inner person is as pretty as the outer. would be nice to know you and get acquainted and know you better If you don`t mind.
Hello Dear, Thanks for taking out time to get back to me ,i really do appreciate that from you,and i assure you that it will be fun getting to know us more and better. It is not always easy to tell about who you are especially with just words, but it is a good start otherwise, we will never have the ability to find a true friend that is located in other areas or country. I hope we could have time to chat soon cos its the fastest way in knowing each other...Have a nice day and hope to hear from you soon. ([email protected]}
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jimmylenders robinson on devoted
54, Man, Single
Weißenburg in Bayern, Germany
Looks for: Woman
47 - 61 years
Within 100 kms
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship


what a gorgeous picture, can I get to know you? hope to hear from you
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ghofran georges
send friend request
48, Man, Single
Madrid, Spain
Looks for: Woman
41 - 55 years
Long-term dating, Short-term dating, Friendship
Last online 2017. 01. 27.

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i do art work for a living
i am a single father i lost my wife 11years ago
can we chat
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wilsonjoseph111 on devoted
56, Man, Single
Manchester, United Kingdom
Looks for:Woman
35 - 80 years
Within 100 kms
Long-term dating, Friendship

My self-introduction
honest person i am

What I am doing with my life

Things I like about myself
i am cool


good after noon my dear, i see we share same thing in common here, i really to know more about you,,,,,,please let start being friends
[email protected]
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Skype ID: live:jamescollins277
Name: Whittingham David Stewart
Location: Preston, Kent, UK

About: I'm an easy going man with a high sense of humour.
I'm fun to be with and always lively.
Age: 52

Skype avatar

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David Brady on metrodate
This member has been disabled by the Metrodate staff. We do not recommend making further contact with this person if they have provided you with direct contact information.

hello sweetie how are you doing i viewed your profile and i am interested in knowing you better sweetie your are beautiful , you the woman of my dream i will be waiting to hear back from you kisses to you sweetie
Bell Nicholas on oneloveru
54 years
United Kingdom, Birmingham

Harry700 on
50, Man, Complicated relationship
City of London, United Kingdom
Looking for: Woman
42 - 56 years
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all profiles carry this pic


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