Information on romance scams and scammers.
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Pics stolen from Tony Baroud, Lebanon, former professional basketballplayer


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I am David.... I'm 54years old. I saw your pictures and you are very cute and Beautiful .. I read your heart warming profile and I like what I saw, cute, decent and gentle . I would Like us to get to know each other .

I will send you an email right away.
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Good morning.
Thanks for letting me have your time and attention, I feel honored. I just thought I'd share my background with you, to enable you know me more. I come from a middle-class background and is all about "Connection"; I was born in Sydney, Australia 1965. I am the only child of my parents, my mother was from Usa .While my dad from Australia... my mom lives in Sydney father has worked a variety of jobs, but he ended up in construction Before he died . I decided to take after my father in construction but in a different style and manner Civil/Construction/Building Engineering). I came to USA for a construction job near completion. My wife died on the 7Th of July . Someday I hope to help people make healthier lives and more loving decisions with their lives. Perhaps, may be a counselor. In the mean time, I’m happy with what I am doing because I know that the work I do makes a difference, I love everything about construction, and I love to create new once.

From: David Brandhorst <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 2019 16:51:42 +0000 (UTC)

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