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#391707 by Terminator5 Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:55 pm
It's nice reading from you, good to know you real,upfront and honest.It seems you know what you want and know how to go for it.I hope you are not bother with the age different between us?i am 49 year old,I do believe age and distance is not a barrier in a relationship and i will be glad if you can tell me more about yourself and type of lady you are willing to meet.More about my family am an Orphan,Dad died when i was 16yrs old,Mum passed away 6yrs ago.she was diagnose to pancreatic cancers.That was one of the tragic circumstance i can never forget,It was mayhem for me to cope.I have no choice than for me to relocate from Seychelles to United State 4yrs ago.I love it here cos it's peaceful( because of the people). It is a perfect match for me because i love the weather and the culture..I live in(Port Arthur, TX). I just have to first thank God for bringing us together and i must confess to you that up till now I am still amazed that i did mailed you back on the dating site. How are you and Hope everything is going smoothly and I feel so happy that you respond back to my email and I hope we can continue to share emails and I hope we can build a solid and trust foundation.

I wish I could called you but right now I don't have access to cell phone down here am having a problem with my cell phone cause two days ago I went to the shopping mall to get some groceries my cell phone mistakenly fell down from me so I am having a problem with it i have to send to the service provider i will be getting it back soon,so i will let you know as soon as i get it back...

It would be a good opportunity to meet in person. No matter what happens I would like to think that we are friends now that we have "found" each other. Hopefully some day soon we can share laughs and glances while we enjoy a nice wine and each others company together as we get to explore each other further. I am a conservative female, but am willing to be open minded and explore the boundaries if I am comfortable with you.I'm pretty much just looking to see if there's someone that i connect with on a friendly level and maybe that will also include us being so attracted to each other that we can't keep our hands to ourselves.I'm just seeing if there are any great people out there, maybe you're great people :) A little more about what im looking for, I want someone who can take my breath away and knows that "build-up" is VERY VERY IMPORTANT. He has to know how to get down and dirty whether out the mountain four-wheeling or working on his car but also know how to clean up nice and know how to make a girl feel special out on the town. Shy guys are great and even those ones that pretend to be shy, but he needs to be able to warm up after a bit too and not be afraid to take control of the situation in an awkward moment. Not 100% sure if I believe in the soul-mate thing but I definitely believe there are some people we are meant to meet, even if its just for a little while, i consider myself to be an easy going, fun loving, caring and honest person. I believe in being committed to a relationship, i like man things and I am fairly open to trying new things.

I would like to meet someone who: shares my interests, (not necessarily all, but at least some of them) honest, easy going, fun loving and caring, would be committed to a relationship with the right person. would like to get to know me for who i am inside is open to trying new things.. I am here to seek one good guy for LOVE, HAPPINESS, PEACE AND HARMONY for the rest of our Lives.

I have business trip to attend to in (Philippines) by tomorrow but be back in some few days time.I will keep you updated with the happenings with me and we wont loose communication a bit because i got a laptop with a multi connection server,so i would be on through out the whole time and we wont loose communication a bit.I also have planned my return trip to be destinated towards your place so i can just meet you before i head back home.I very much look forward to meeting you and I hope this will be the first of many dates we go on.Am not in a hurry so I don't want to rush in until I'm sure that I have found the one person I truly get along with and can spend the rest of my life with.You tick some of the boxes I look for in a man and hope that meeting you will tick more of the boxes.How do you unwind and How would our first date be like.lets plan it.



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