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I am looking for my soulmate beautiful. Someone to be friends with and take it from there. Feels so interesting knowing that we both are looking for the same thing on this site. Do you have gmail or google hangout so we could talk more ? Eric

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Hello and How are you doing today beautiful and hope you had a blissful night rest and what are you really been up to this morning? I am so sorry that i am just responding to your Email the truth is that i was very busy yesterday with church, got home and had to cook with my boys because we had companies from the church after the church service so i am sincerely sorry about that meanwhile i am really happy i got an email from you and you are really interested in getting to know more about my kind of person.

I must tell you that I am really new to this online dating stuff, I am a very hard working man, I am kinda of shy at first but quickly loosen up after I get to know a person. I'm a business owner. Confident and secure in myself,6'0 Feet Tall,open minded person,down to earth,intelligent,truthful, and a very affectionate man,I also, like good conversation, romance, and laughs. I respect others' beliefs and opinions. I think chemistry and affection are vital to a relationship, so I am open to those intangible connections that happen when you meet someone. I do have a weakness for good, old-fashion kissing because I think it's a lost art. I love movies and music, sports and great food...I like the Beatles and Al Green, and most 70s music. I like reading good books about spirituality, politics, and history. I want to know what really happened to Kennedy and other things like that. lol

I haven't met anyone yet through online dating personals but i am willing to get to know someone and get to understand her motives and intentions towards me. I believe once i am been sincere and honest about my kind of person and i am able to help her understand who i really am, i think you will be more comfortable getting to know more about me. Beside that,I was born in the Frankfurt Germany , grew up with Both dad and mom, but when i was at the age of 10 mom and dad had misunderstanding so dad had to leave us in the Frankfurt Germany. I grew up with Mom, but when mom saw that this stress is really getting to much on her she had to travel me down to the states to meet her aunt. I was 12 years of age. Mom explain everything that went wrong between her and my dad and she said she doesn't know were he was right now.So that's why she had to come down to the states, mom stayed for 2 months with her aunt,Before she later had to leave to Germany the following month.I really missed my mom but she wrote me letters and she calls too as well until when i was 13 then i didn't hear from her again. I was kind of worried but to my surprising my aunt had to tell me she committed suicide so the pains of loosing a mom has been in my mind ever since.

I grew up with my moms aunt,she took me as her son and i was really happy she loved me with all her heart. I decided to take my faith and believe she was actually the only person i had around me and she was my only family i had but she didn't stay with me for Long.. She died on heart attack when i was 20 years of age so since then i have had a life of my own doing the things i know how to do best. I believed in my self and i stayed faithful to myself and i believed in Christ. I am really a devoted christian and i believe so much in Christ. God has really been my father and my mother and he has also been my provided in all that i needed.

I have been to Spain,Italy,Portugal and wasn't fun traveling any way but i just don't have any choice left than to do what i needed to do.I would like to meet my Mrs right and get to spend some time with her. I don't know her yet but i know i will be meeting her soon. I have two wonderful boys Jasen and Jesse 14 and 12 years old and i have been their mother and father since i lost their mom to brain cancer about 5 years ago.

I hope i haven't bored you with my life story and experience anyway. I just want to let you know more about my past and present and i am willing to get to know more about your kind of person too as well.I believe you will be happy as well to be totally open and tell me more about you and your personalities.I hope to hear from you soon so i can tell you more of what i am really interested in and what i do in my leisure time.
Take good care of yourself and send my regards to your family.


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