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#401179 by scammer RIP Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:21 am
Cheung Ivan Mathew contacted my mother on Tinder and introduced himself as an owner of Switzerland based diamond company CH Diamond LTD. He told he was going to sell his business inherited from his father and that's why he went to Turkey.

He even created a website for his diamond business -
His photo is here -

The photo he put as his father is turned to be the photo of the managing director of St Giles Makati - A St Giles Hotel. I contacted the hotel support and they confirmed on their Facebook.
They also do their best to shut down the website of the scammer. I want to thank you for their help.

After selling his father's business Cheung sent a photo of contract, tickets, hotel reservation, but all of a sudden he had to pay a fee to a Turkish government to transfer the money. He even sold his rolex to do pay the fee.

And of course asked my mother to send the rest of money - 1-2 k $ via moneygram to this name - Sourav Kundu, Istanbul, Turkey as the owner of Moneygram branch he was in and faked his passport.
His numbers in whatsapp and viber - +85290854676, +61488846631, +41990854676

#401262 by scammer RIP Fri Dec 06, 2019 8:18 am
Some more news. The same scammer uses another 2 identities - Mr Cheung Lee and
Ivan M. Andriy.
I found his instagram, where he position himself as "Formerly Human resource for Vec OIL Australia". His instagram -
The website of the scammers is
He uses the same photo as on CH Diamonds here - ... ctors.html
And also, there you can find another his identity Ivan Andriy - ... ement.html

Phone number - +61488846631
The photo



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