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#401325 by maluu53 Sat Dec 07, 2019 7:35 pm
Welsh190 on sd
40, Man, Single
Houston, United States
Looks for: Woman
25 - 60 years
Am easy going, hate laziness, hate lies
Sailing the world
I like everything about myself

Image Image <<< Danish captain Thomas Lindegaard Madsen

[email protected]
Google hangout
look on hangout


#403961 by thatanonymousgirl Thu Jan 30, 2020 6:04 am
This guy is at it again.
I posted this on another website.



I blocked this same guy a few days ago after he kept relentlessly pursuing me after I told him more than a few times that I am married.

I talked to him for about a total of 3 days.

He laid it on thick. He called me "dear" and he used my name CONSTANTLY. He had broken English.

When I asked how he was doing (after he asked me), he said, "Am fine just thinking about someone special to my heart."

I knew he meant me, but I played dense and guessed his son. Hahahaha. He said no and actually gave me a hint about my own name.

He then told me, "I’ve been thinking about you I think because you are special and a woman of great virtues, ____."

He claimed to be from AZ (If I remember correctly), but when I asked him if he came from somewhere else, he said Turkey.

He claimed to be 38, and I can’t recall his stated occupation, but it was some kind of Oil Engineer or something involving the oil rigs.

He also claimed to have lost his wife a couple years ago in a car accident, and that he has a son, Robert, who is 19 and studying to be a Cardiologist.

He told me that he was vacationing and invited me to go to be with him, which of course I declined, reminding him AGAIN, "I’m married."

He also told me that he told his son he "came across a Queen just like his mum, so he was happy can’t wait to meet you "

That’s what made me block him.

He kept pressuring me into talking on WhatsApp, but I wouldn’t do it. He said, "Let’s chat in a less public place. Do you have WhatsApp?"

I said, "How is this public? We’re in a private chat window."

He didn’t reply for hours.

He constantly sent red hearts and rose emojis...A TON of them!!!!

He also said, "My friends call me Captain Thomas, but you may call me Thomas." I didn’t use his name once.

I did a reverse image search and found this. It’s him.
#403979 by maluu53 Thu Jan 30, 2020 10:53 am
pics on instagram

Image Image

Image Image Image


caption: Enjoying a dozen of oysters and a bottle of sancerre in my garden
wonder whether scammer knows that wine and whether it ever tasted Sancerre :lol:

scammer is constantly enlarging its instagram profile, the last pic was uploaded 3 days ago, and the profile is just over a month old

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