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#428715 by CH_Woska Tue Oct 26, 2021 3:46 am
After attending a concert in Italy by this very famous singer (Zucchero), I posted on his official FB fan page ( how happy I was by his performance. During the night I received a message by someone (him or pretending to be him) thanking me for my support in his career and I should send him a direct message.
Very surprise and quiet happy to have been noticed, when I got the messenger request from his fan page, I did accept. ( and we started chatting for about 10 days. I told him that there was a typo in his name and it was really stupid, but he just said he did not realize until then and it wasn't important as this account was going to be closed. This was 3 weeks ago, it is still open and adapting the visual to the new single of Zucchero.
I contacted the office fan page via messenger and wrote to them that there were false imposters using Zucchero's name and brand:
(Good morning dear Team, please be aware that there are people impersonating your name, Zucchero’s or his brand to contact your fans through your fan page. They are deceiving fans big time. Fans want to keep their favorite artist image and reputation intact. Best wishes)
I never got a reply!
I then received a request to move to WhatsApp so we could talk more easily. The WhatsApp number is Italian and apparently a business account, I was unable to find anything about this. I did play stupid and asked for proof this was the real Zucchero, so I received the picture. Then I asked for a web conferencing video, and unexpectedly I received a video call request from that number (+39 351 180 34 53). The WhatsApp account is called "Amore e felicita". The video calls (2 in total, same day, just a couple of seconds) didn't confirm a real identity. Although the person on the screen was Zucchero, but it felt just shaky. I check both the picture I received and the video to see if I could recognize the setting in a public video available online.
The picture was taken about 10 years ago but the video didn't give me any hints. A couple of days later, the real deal came. First it was, "I need to send you 1.5 mio $ to your local address with shipment company, it will just be a bag, please keep it for me, I don't want my management to have access to this money and as I told you, I'm getting a divorce...
I refused and told I was out of the country anyway and couldn't help him. He did not insist. A couple of days later, he then asked me to help him to get 4'500 Euros as he needed to hire a good lawyer in Spain. I refused, said it made not sense to hire a Spanish lawyer when we are talking Italian courts and legal matters.
I then send a last message to this WhatsApp number and called him a disgrace. I couldn't believe the real artist would ever do this, ask an unknown woman for money or send me such a big amount of money (Laundering? Mafia? ...) and I said it was a shame he was ruining my memories of this concert. He didn't try to contact me again. But I know all accounts (FB) and WhatsApp are still working. Strangely enough when he contacted me via the FB fan page on my comment, as soon as I read it it disappear, so no one can see it. I got copies (print screens of all conversations and archives. I want to make sure this gets known! I tried to look at European scam network or pages to contact but there was nothing. I may try to send an official mail to the registered company of this singer to alert them. But I feel nobody really cares.
Recently the singer issued a new single and of course his fans left messages to express their happiness (or not) and so I did. I did again receive a message from a different Zucchero fan page. ( He proposed to send me a direct message directly on this link (Zuccherofornaciariofficialchatbox
Grazie per avermi sempre
ammirato attraverso il mio post, sentiti libero
di scrivermi sulla mia pagina di chat facendo
clic sul link qui sotto e dimmi da quanto tempo
sei mio fan?
Since I did change my FB page picture I did contact this "new" Zucchero and for now he wants to know my favorite songs and concerts I attended.
He did ask me to switch to Google hangouts, as he "didn't trusted people on the social networks", so we could talk better. Let's see how this goes.
I did check on the comments left by other fans for this new single launch and he always send the same message to women. I kept print screens of these conversations.
I truly believe the previous ones are profiling the possible victims with things like favorite songs (sad, romantic, ...) and country of residence.
I did say right from the start that I was old and had no money and kept repeating this every now and again. Did not stop them for trying. But they have to be stopped, for the moral damages they inflict to innocent women and to this singer's image and reputation.
Any help or advice would be appreciated, I'm so tired of these low life people trying to take advantage of decent people.

#429127 by CH_Woska Sat Nov 20, 2021 9:55 am
The second Zucchero Fornaciari fakers/impersonators was - from the vocabulary and phrasing used - older and more seasoned. But on the first message he ask for nude pictures to make him destress. I insulted him profusely!!
He apologized 2 days later, we chatted for 10 days, he was well versed about a musician life and technical implications. He has we switched to Google Chat ( zucchero fornaciari [email protected].) In a matter of 2 ways he showed his true criminal face and pretended the stupid musicians blow his studio and he needed my money to keep going:( I call him a sorry low life criminal and cut loose.
I sent a letter to the social media company in Milany (imsocial), no news, they are not interest to know anything, the Universal Music Company in Berlin who is handling Zucchero Forniaciari has not replied, the Swiss Universal Music Company was surprised by the tone of the message but never helped. I finally wrote to Zucchero Forniaciari himself, to his legal company in Italy, a week ago. We will see if he feels at least concerned and what he plans to do.
I wrote to a very famous rock music magazine in Paris this weekend, And I will to further with this, may be the Rolling Stones magazine may be interested?
This singer just issued a new album this week. And he will be singing the Italian voice of a carton for Christmas. Seeing the enthusiastic young mothers commenting about it and wanting to send pics of the baby, I am almost horrified knowing where this pics could end. And lastly I will address someone at the European Union responsible for customer protection.
Silence IS NOT AN OPTION. This is a 60 billion $ business in 2020. So it matters !

So for you ladies, if you are leaving any comments on a fan club official page of FB, do not ever except the real artist to reply to you, they never have the time, seriously! There a a bunch of scammers that are profiling you, according to your pics, age, country, interest, friends, and then find out what is your issue are (broken heart, unsatisfied, looking for love, just too much caring and loving, wealthy, single. etc and you name it).
Do not give out your personal information to quickly and NEVER send any pics, especially nude pics out.
You'll end up on a international criminal boards and you'll never get off it. Stay safe !!!
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