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#438780 by Verawangh Mon Mar 20, 2023 4:59 pm
There's a scammer going by the name Scott White,targeting women on Linkedin, this is the message that he is sending with this email [email protected]

My full name is Scott White, my hometown is New Zealand. My late wife was a British woman. I live in London city, England. I have been in the U.K for years now. I work as an engineer and have been in the oil/gas business all my life. I have mostly worked for the British Petroleum and Dutch land oil firm, and I have also been self-employed since 2010. I'm into oil rig construction and supply of industrial cables, I work as an independent contractor, also as a subcontractor, you can call me an oil merchant. On the attached files is a photo of my late queen who died in a motor accident that left me with two kids.. I believe distance is nothing if we give each other an opportunity to know ourselves and my heart tells me you are a nice woman with a sincere heart. Waiting for your feedback.

Scott White

He is using Jason Cummings pictures


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