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#33391 by Eve Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:16 am
Another fake profile of scamer posing as medical army staff. Very upperhanded and ordergiver. Expected me to submit and take off my profile from dating site just after first contact. Mixed up names, Patti is not my name what means he posted this email to more people then just me with not being able to control 'what for whom'. Agresive and dominating insisted on chatting out from dating site. If he couldn't get his way get very upset and vulgar. Desapeared when I categorically refused to pay any money for his retirement coming back from war zone /!!!/. That was the time just soon after I broke up with Gerald Kalt and I think he is the very same scamer or someone from the same gang in Accra Ghana.

Sat, January 2, 2010 2:46:49 AM
From: Robert Anderson <[email protected]> ?
To: xxxxxxxxxxxx

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mark girl friend and her friend.jpg (91KB); mark girl friend.jpg (109KB); mark friends in school.jpg (140KB); Dad & mun With There friend.jpg (67KB); father and Mother.jpg (58KB); 16.jpg (21KB); amry 5.jpg (13KB); army 1.jpg (24KB); army 2.jpg (25KB); army 3.jpg (26KB); army 4.jpg (24KB); MY HOUSE.jpg (87KB); MY DAD house.jpg (34KB); my dad &mun.jpg (49KB); Dad & mun With There friend.jpg (67KB); father and Mother.jpg (58KB); MY SON AND HIS GIRL FRIEND.jpg (85KB); when i saw a kid.jpg (75KB); mark girl friend and her friend.jpg (91KB)

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i will be very much happy if only you can send me more pictures of yours as am going to get my scanned and send it to you.
Have been very Board in my life ever since death took my late wife away. life have been very difficult to get smile its only the time am with some of my friends and my son that is when i always find my self happy..I think it time for me to find someone that i can love and respect , give all my attention to her and also someone that i will show my love and treat her like a queen and wait to meet you for real and i will like to know more of you better,, I hope to hear from you soon.
You can take a look again at those site name above:HERE ARE ALL MY FAMILY .. MY HOUSE AND HOME LATE FATHER PHOTOS AND HERE ARE MY PICTURES OF ME AND MY PARENTS ARE LATE his girlfriend .. ALSO IS THE IMAGE THAT WHEN AM 10 YEARS OLD WITH MY FRIENDS THAT CHILD IN PICTURES .... AND ALSO IN MY HOUSE WHILE MY FATHER IS NM AFTERNOON IN CANADA MONTREAL QC .. I NOW.THOSE IT IS ALL MY OWN PHOTOS ... I work with the United Nations as one of the main MILITARY SURGEON GENERAL.. Would also like to know about your history life.. Please try and get an msn id so that I can add you to my msn chat list. So that we can be chatting to each other very easy.
I really want to know more of you and meet you for real Patti.
Sat, January 2, 2010 2:47:51 AM
Much about me!!
From: Robert Anderson <[email protected]> ?
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Surgeon Robert Anderson, Ph.D.
Department of Global Health
College of Public Health
University of NM
What can I say about myself that most people don't say about themselves...I have no idea! I have a great life, a job, nice home, car, teeth and hair! A sense of humor. I love my family and I feel it's reciprocated. I like and enjoy the finer things in life, don't sweat all the details and am happy with me...I am a widower with a son age of 15th years old in which I lost is mother when he was age of 5years old I'm thinking of retirement anytime soon. And willing to, relationships, friends, lovers, name it. I am still active and enjoy life! I have learned to smell the roses (on occasion) and know how to keep my self occupied. I believe in God and pride myself as being considerate and a gentleman.
I was born in Germany Frankfurt in which I attended St Benno Junior High School in Germany .After the lost of my parent I moved to New Mexico (NM) to meet my Uncle, I was 19th years old then .which I from there start my career at College of Public Health, Department of Global Health University of NM in .
I Surgeon Robert Anderson served in the U.S. Army for 32 years now with most of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). During the time at WRAIR, I held positions as Chief, in any kind of Surgeon Research Laboratory, Chief, Anti parasitic Drug Discovery, Chief, Department of Parasitologist, and as Deputy Director (Antimalarial Drug Discovery), Division of Experimental Therapeutics. I also got my B.A. from the University of New Mexico at Chattanooga , and I obtain my Ph.D. from Clemson University and completed a postdoctoral position at the University of New Mexico .
Also serves in several capacities for the World Health Organization Program for Tropical Diseases Research, to include Chair of the Steering Committee on Geno mics and Drug Resistance, Chair for the Compound Evaluation Network, and a coordinator for the WHO/TDR Network for Transferring Technology for Drug Screening and Immunological Studies in Tropical Parasitic Diseases.
You can feel free to ask any question if you like. This is what you need to know about me for now. I think I have to drop my pen now. I hope to hear from you again and tell me more about your self..
Yours sincerely,

General Surgeon Anderson

Sat, January 2, 2010 6:04:45 PM
Hello Dear
From: Robert Anderson <[email protected]> ?
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hello Dear How are you doing Am really so glad to hear from you.i also like what i see and read about you and You have all the qualities am looking for in a woman.i really want us to get to know each other better may be you have some chemistry in common.i have also go throug the pictures you sent i really luv them.You can go on the website i gave you and see more of my pictures.Yes I will like to relocate as soon as i leave here next month because i have made up my mind to relocate to the right woman as soon as i leave here Dear But now that i have found you i hope this will work out for us.Sorry about the mistake i wanted to type Pretty That was a Mistake Dear Please forgive me.Am a Man of Honor and i mean everything i say to you here.I dont like the hurt ot cheat as i will never come here to play on your intelligent You can count on me.Am a man of my words.Please i also want you to stop going to that dating site because i can see alot of people are there for games.I promise never to do anything to hurt you.i will be waiting to chat with you on the Yahoo messenger so we can know more about each other.take care and have a nice day

General surgeon Robert anderson

I missed you
From: Robert Anderson <[email protected]>

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Hello dear How are u Today I just got in from the Church.I prayed for us that God Almighty should take control of your heart and i know my prayer have been accepted.Please let me honest minded to each other so this can work out for us.When will you be online so we can talk better and i know by doing that we will get to know each other better..i have also told you to delete your profile from that dating site because you really know you are serious about what you want.You can check me there i dont go there any more dear..Please let me know as soon as you have done this.thanks for the pictures i really like them and i can't wait to tell mark my son about you because i know you can be his mother again..You are such a honest and caring person..i can't wait to share all my feelings for you dear.take care and have a nice day

Happy Sunday



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