Information on romance scams and scammers.
#59095 by Arnold Sun Jul 17, 2011 4:46 am
It's likely that the same scammer owns both addresses. [email protected] suggests to me that you have been asked to pay for the "soldier" to be given leave.
All you can do I'm afraid, is to break off contact. There's no chance of the scammer being caught, or of you getting your money back. Sorry.


#59128 by Katharina Sun Jul 17, 2011 2:26 pm
Hi Bummed2,
please don't be angry with yourself, you did nothing wrong. How were you to know that there is such a thing as romance fraud? It is easy in hindsight when you have learned to spot the giveaways, but all those victims who are new to dating sites have no way of recognising the scammers.
And it's great that you are here to help others.
#59137 by Bummed2 Sun Jul 17, 2011 3:58 pm
Here is his 1st letter he wrote. Thanks for the short notes, here is a little note about myself and will like to know what you feel after reading it, little about myself, life and past. I am originally from Zagreb, Croatia. I come from a very small family and growing up as an only child was tough but l learned a lot about myself and people around me. I also forge a wonderful bond with my parents and l was very close to them because we do virtually everything together. We travel, see places, share adventures and relate as one big happy family. Though l miss not having siblings to do and spend time with but life itself was memorable and fun. My parent were doing great in their businesses, majorly in Oil, Mining and Real Estate. We moved to the United States when l was 4yrs and l spent my growing up years around IL, some of my time in Crawley too for Vacation.

Lost both parents 12yrs ago and losing my wife 7yrs later compounded my misery. Life itself came to a halt because l felt l have lost everything in life and not worthy of living again but in the midst of all these misfortune one incident gave me reason to stay alive - watching my son holding my close and telling me that everything will be alright. Timmy added purpose to my life and gave me reasons to look forward to better tomorrows. I stood by him and supported him in every way because he is all l got. I spent the last three years of my life giving him special attention and helping him to growing into a responsible and successful environment.

My career as a Soldier in US Army has been a very successful one and l am proud to defend our great country all the time. My career in service is a call to duty and it has been the most eventful and glorifying years in my life with various awards and medals to my name. I have faithfully serve since l enlisted into the force about 22yrs ago and l have also worked in various regiment and serving as a platoon sergeant acting as a key assistant and adviser to the platoon leader. With my degree in Information Systems and Project Management and EMT knowledge l have also been privileged to work closely with other branches of the Military and also supervise some of the greatest people around. I must say that working with the Army has made me associate with the finest group of men and women, great professionals, knowledgeable, courteous, and receptive. I hope to retire from service as soon as i come back from this last tour am planning on, with many memorable years of meritoriously defending our great country. I am part of a great group of guys that re-enacts the 45th Infantry Division of WW2. God Bless America.

I am a very open, charming, loving, understanding, honest, hardworking, supportive, industrious, handsome and well educated man with a good sense of humor. I enjoy traveling, cruises, watching movies, listening to music, keeping in shape and l like to go shopping sometimes, golfing,road trip, hike and lots more. Despite my huge lose and some setbacks, my life, career and investments has been a fulfilling one and l am so proud about it. I have a big heart and l am ready to give my heart to the right woman.if she eventually comes my way!

Hopefully we can connect. Do you chat on yahoo or MSN instant messenger?

Hope i have not bored you with my story,

I will like to read back from you.

#59187 by Katharina Mon Jul 18, 2011 5:43 am
Hi Bummed2,
thanks for posting this warning. Do you have any email addresses that are not mentioned here? They will help other victims who do a Google search on them.
#59192 by Bummed2 Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:28 am
Yes I have one more he would claim it was his sons: [email protected]. Also here are his is phony #'s +44-792-451-1569 & 1915-792-2178. Hope this will help. I would like to know why this person still contacts me, even though he knows I can't help him out?

Also, I have another man who I was in contact with he too is in the army he goes by the name Steve Wst. We were talking just about three weeks when he asked me to help him with his charity. He wanted ppl to send me items & wanted me to pack them in a box & send it to Ghana, Africa. When I told him I had no money he said I could arrange for someone to send you some money. I still told him no, that I was scammed before & didn't trust anyone when it comes to money. This is his email adress : [email protected]. Guess he too was to good to be true.
#59218 by Katharina Mon Jul 18, 2011 1:45 pm
This is valuable information - thank you! :=)

So the scammer is finally convinced you can't pay. Now he is trying to set you up for money laundering, or he is hoping that you will get a loan. :evil:
The other one wants to give you the details of a phished credit card to pay for the items you are supposed to send to him. When the credit card company finds out, they will come after you for the money, and they might even send the police to your doorstep.
Now it's really time to drop him completely. Add his email address to your spam filter, don't accept phone calls. Eventually he will move on to other victims.
#60919 by mykarma Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:35 pm
I was on FACEBOOK when "Capt Luis Rozco Dominguez" contacted me he had all the red flags he said he had been in the us army for 20 years but yet all his pictures he looked like he was in his murle 20s he said he was a orphan and his 15 year old son lived with his grandma in the UK nothing he said added up he said he wanted to marry me and said he loved me after talking for only 3days i didnt know about this scam till he gave me a email he said i had to ask for a secure line to talk thank u so much for this website I dont know how to add the pictures he has gave me but I will try to add them. lol how funny he just IM me what do I do? do I tell him I know he is a scamscam
#60923 by Katharina Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:13 pm
Welcome mykarma!
I'm always so glad to hear that there is a person targeted by a scammer who realised in time. :=)
The best things to do now:
- Just drop him like a hot potato. Don't answer his mails, put his address into your scam filter, block him from IM, don't accept his phone calls. That will leave him wondering what went wrong, and maybe he will get into trouble with his gang boss, too, for letting slip a victim. :twisted:

Don't tell him you found out, we want him nervous and puzzled, and if you confronted him, he'd try to find out what mistakes he made so he can avoid them with his next victim.

What else?
Post information about him: email addresses he used, the text of his first email (which is a script he uses again and again, so a Google search will lead other ladies here) and pictures. If you need help, just ask.
#62391 by Healani808 Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:29 pm Sgt. Garrison Terry under [email protected] BEWARE!! He wanted me to give information to what he claimed to be Communication Base Department of his unit.
So Dear,I want you to mail the Base Communication Department now and inform them that you want both of us to get linked together,Okay?Their email is [email protected] Just notify them that you are mailing them in reference of Sgt Garrison and you want us linked together and ask what is required of you to get both of us linked up.
I'm using a friend's unit to make sure this mails gets to you,He had already been Linked with his relatives so i request for this opportunity to mail you my Love.When we are successfully linked,Then we will be able to talk further both on Phone and Internet,Okay?

Being that I know military...I kindly deleted/ignored and reported him!
#67784 by Bella K Wed Sep 21, 2011 5:14 am
3 new names coming up on Facebook are - Daniels Richardson, Mike Kraine and Chris Richman (or Richman Chris).

Daniels Richardson emailed me for about 7 days before he asked me for money (the satellite phone scam and the [email protected] address). I refused. He continued to email me (for another 7 days) until I realised that his story was identical to those on scam warning FB pages and websites.

Let's shut these oxygen thieves down :=)
#70272 by bellacastle Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:14 pm
if it sounds too good to be true it usually is i've had the same thing the past 4 weeks i was just waiting for the money ask iGOT it
morgaine wrote:Hi,
I am still a little uncomfortable writing everything down, because I am not sure the person involved is in fact a scammer? But then again, why am I here right?
He didn't asked me for money yet, he gave me an address and then I got suspicious. I know he knows about these scamwarning forums, and you can bet they are looking for any info we will give them to make their scams look even more believable.
I am let's say European (western) and have a lot of pictures, 2 addresses and mails from this person. I am affraid to make it public here though because we have been chatting with eachother now for 4 months already and stupid me, he knows my address, phone-number, and even has familypictures. I also send money through Western Union USD 500 to be exact for a liberty pass card?
I need to talk to someone who can find out where the real person in pictures is. I can't find any other mistake he supposed to make as a scammer, either he is very smart or knows a lot about the person on picture.
I need help fast. I am a mess, psychologically and physically. He got me so far now, that I am waiting for him to come online every minute of the day actually.
My loved ones are suffering because of it too. Is there any way I can do this anonymously, leaving his pictures without showing them, to find out who I am dealing with? And to warn the person on pictures? He really is in US army, that I know for sure. I send mail to CID but don't get any answers from them. Please help? I don't know what to do anymore.

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