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#314511 by honey79 Wed Dec 14, 2016 11:26 pm
This person contact me through social networks and I send his email and then his gmail .. at one time he asked me to send this request for an emergency exit and I send the mail that this concontunuacion hope I can help


"I am ..................... from ...................... hereby wish to apply for an EMERGENCY LEAVE on behalf of my fiancee Sgt.James Common, (UN/US ARMY 009/16770/UNAMIL), AKO:([email protected]) posted at Kabul Afghanistan.
I want to have him home before 31st November concerning our marital arrangement as I'm his future wife,after then he can return back to base.
It's very urgent and i will be grateful if the agency can grant my application request.
Thanks for your consideration.
I look forward hearing from you
James Common

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

In this email I was answered with this

Dear Applicant this is to acknowledge that we will grant your husband a two weeks vacation leave form to enable him to come back and be with you before 30th November as you requested, But we also want to inform you that you will have to make a payment of $1,450 dollars to us so that we will start the processing of his vacation leave documents to enable your fiances name to be listed out on the list of first people who are going for an emergency leave vacation board, However you are expected to make the payment to us immedaitely so that the processing of his leave vacation form will be ready before 30th November.

he use hangouts with the name military101 kabul101
I have photos that send me the truth, thank you for your help

#380264 by Happyness2018 Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:08 pm

yes this website saved me from further damage. Same user of military 101 Kabul 101, managed to contact me through FB. Long story short, I was a sucker, did not research and because I was naive to such a thing could happen or exist, I paid one lump payment of $4870.00. I was humiliated to say the least. I had since discovered after the fact that the scammer was not who he said he was. I managed to ask for his "real name", which he indicated Eric Hilton. Found and contacted the real Eric Hilton. Asked him through messenger if he was in fact in the United States, happily married, raising his young family. Thank God he replied to say simply, it's not him, to report it, and yes he is retired and in the states married happily.

That was the day I could exhale. I was in touch with this scammer from 12/3/18 to 1/4/19, the day I revealed he was not who he said he was. Mind you until that faithful day, I was literally dying inside, feeling anxiety and love sickness of yearning for this scammer because of the "love talks", we connected in a deep way, never experienced that before, emotions and the mystery of wow, a person like this exists. I was struggling, am struggling still in my marriage, possible divorce. But aside from that, it was more of the connection me and the scammer made. As I read on in the romance scammers section, It was so helpful and validated my doubts and I am so grateful that you folks are putting out information like this. It is truly life saving.

I refuse to be the victim, and so I tell myself that, the experience was a lesson learned in life, and I consider the money a considerable donation to a cause unknown. I can't recover from the monetary loss, but I am definitely more aware how evil lives here on earth. People can be cruel and malicious and hurt innocent/ignorant people like myself. I just want to thank you so much for the information you provide to all the other people who have suffered because of this.

forever grateful.

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