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#319364 by malu53 Sun Feb 12, 2017 8:33 pm
54, London, United Kingdom
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Looking for anything with a girl
aged 38‑60, in Italy.

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Hello my dear, good day and how are you You are so beautiful and beautiful looking. I'm so sad when this seems to bother my email to you, but am sure you'll understand after explaining my reasons why I was running around when I came across your profile
Was simply breathtaking could not believe my eyes. You need to make sure that you have a lot of admirers chasing you around and even knocking your door. Also, I will not blame because I do
Will do the same as well, maybe I will be a little rational because I will be chasing you with a herring. Sorry that I do not want to introduce myself, my name is engineer:
Matteo Alexandrus, I am from Scotland, but I live in England, I like you and I like to get to know you. I am a very hard worker and also a fun loving guy, sincere, ruthless in everything I do and also very happy
With what I got. Well, I wonder if we are able to chat with each other and know each other more because you look like a nice person, with, I'm looking for a soul
Comrade, a companion, a loving and understanding woman, to be my wife, to be someone for me as I would be for her, and a best friend. I appreciate it if you can let me know your e-mail address or phone number for a better, thank you and have a nice day

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