Information on romance scams and scammers.
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100% SCAM MEZELVES as you know. All the elements of fake phone access and leave scam. Would you please edit out your personal details such as email address although a mod may get there first. Thanks for the post.
Here is scammer. He is a Nigerian and several text parts show him as a scammer.
I am a:
41-year-old man
zodiac sign:
located in:
Haarlem, Netherlands
looking for:
34 - 55-year-old woman
Long-term relationship
White (Caucasian)
General information:
I am very down to earth, have a great sense of humor, and I appreciate the simple things in life. I can be quiet or laughing and joking around, just depends on the situation. I love kids and enjoy spending time with friends and family.I am open minded and have a good sense of humor...I love to travel. I also like sports, including basketball, volleyball and football, darts, bowling, walking, swimming, video game, the list is long. I enjoy the beach or the mountains, I'm not looking to change anyone. I think 2 people can compliment each other with both their differences and similarities. Knowing you're always there for each other no matter what is really important.I love children. May be I can enumerate some of my interests as I have a lot of them. I am a curious person and I like to know new things. Psychology and philosophy helps me better understand myself. I think self improving helps to live and avoid stress in future. I like to read interesting books, history most of all. I like history and I feel terrific when I touch the walls of old palaces. Nature is my passion, beauty is in harmony . That`s all I can say about it. I go to the sea at summer, love to go camping, hiking, beaches.I like to dance, to laugh and enjoy life as it is.I do not look for definite age or race. I am ready to follow my partner wherever she lives.Am a very honest and sound man that wants the best for myself and am ready to make it in life and looking for a woman that can support the success and all.
I am an average man when it comes to height because i am not too tall nor too short,i have a short black hair and i not too fat nor too slim.I love to get along with people and i am also a good listener.
Looking for:
I would like to find someone who is fun, romantic, honest, likes to laugh, and takes the time to look at the man inside and not just the outside. Someone who knows what the "good stuff" in life is. I want to have a relationship with a woman who can appreciate a man for who he is,I'm not looking to play games or find a casual sex playmate on here. I'm looking for a nice woman. I'm looking for a cute, intelligent woman who can keep up with me. Don't have to be a Nobel Prize winner, but being engaged and awake is a good thing in my book. If you can talk intelligently about something that interests you, we'll probably get along. And if you can make me laugh out loud, (with you, not at you), we'll probably get along even longer. I am looking for a woman who I can share interests with, but not a carbon copy. I want someone who can, and wants to, introduce me to new experiences and perspectives.I take things in my life and in the world seriously, but try hard not to take myself too seriously...I would like to meet someone who works at doing the same thing.I would like my future woman value my inner beauty and my romantic soul. I enjoy life, and I need my soulmate to share all wonderful things,which life gives. Long conversation about different things,whispering at nights about something or nothing, meeting people, reading, being on nature, all these things make my life better. it is impossible to have full harmony without my second half, which can make my life perfect, full of love and understanding.I dream to meet my special woman and spend with her rest of my life creating our family. I wish her to be careful, open-minded, honest, generous, loving children,God fearing and a woman that has no attention of stomping and breaking a man's heart.

marital status:
eye color:
hair color:
body type:
6' 0'' (183cm)
Christian / Catholic
Non drinker
Non smoker
Non Vegetarian
College Grad
English (Native)
Dutch (Some)
Spanish (Minimal)
Athletics, Baseball, Dance Music, Pop Music, Rock Music, Rap Music, Nightclubs, Shopping, Singing, Travelling, Basketball, Charity, Dancing, Water Sports, Football, Gym, Movies, Jazz Music, Christian Music, Classical Music, Country Music ... ile=906681 ... shame/1-5/ ... uvhb4.html BUCK1 Military scammer ... yxyy4.html cdanyel1
Age 29. Netherlands ... spdg1.html Buck100 Military scammer
41-years-old male
From Spain
Seeking female: 30 - 99 Suzanne DELETED
Used Google translator
Ik wil graag iemand die is leuk, romantisch, eerlijk vinden, houdt van lachen, en neemt de tijd om te kijken naar de man binnen en niet alleen de buitenkant. Iemand die weet wat de "goede dingen" in het leven is. Ik wil een relatie met een vrouw die een man kunnen waarderen voor wie hij is hebben, ik ben niet op zoek om spelletjes te spelen of een casual sex speelkameraadje te vinden op hier. Ik ben op zoek naar een leuke vrouw.
About Me:

Ik ben erg down to earth, hebben een groot gevoel voor humor, en ik waardeer de eenvoudige dingen in het leven. Ik kan rustig of lachen en grappen maken, maar is afhankelijk van de situatie. Ik hou van kinderen en geniet van tijd doorbrengen met vrienden en family.I ben open minded en heb een goed gevoel voor humor ...

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We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.

#90833 by began steele Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:16 am
Don't worry Mezelves. You are not alone. Scammer fools many, but we have at least made life a little more difficult for him. I have some pics. We may not know who the real person is since scammer gets the pics from anywhere on Internet and even past victims.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.
#116250 by excalibur61 Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:25 pm
Helen Halper wrote:Hi africara!

I'm really sorry to hear that the admin at are not taking your warning seriously, regarding the scammer Sean Philips using the email address of [email protected]com IP address: []

After your experience with him and his lies, that must be extremely frustrating for you. Well done reporting him, both there and here, and please continue to report any other scammers that you come across. :D

I have been speaking to the same Sean Philips that I met on the He didn't use the same scam with me though. After finding out that I was looking for a part time job he said he could call in a favor. He claims he did this and I got this job as a dispatcher. this job consisted of getting a serve card then giving him the info on it such as my ID password and account number. He said he would be my coach and in charge of my job. I suspected a scam so I started my own investigation. I called the F.B.I and asked them about it. the agent I spoke with said it was a scam. I kept Sean going while I kept on investigating him. While this was going on he tells me that his son, Sean jr's gaurdian was in an accident and in critical condition, life and death. Then asked me if I could use my checking account to accept money so I could send it to him in the UK. I gave him this story of my bank not being able to do that. Now understand that this man claims to be a Mormon and in the military. I have a military bank account and yert, he diodn't know that it was really possible to do this! Also the Mormon church will help you if you need financial help especially in this type of situation. The church will help in providing a place for his son to stay and make sure he is well taken care of.
At first Sean wanted to send 4000.00 top my accoun then have me wire it his son. Well when I told him that it could not be done for 4000.00 he then asked me if I could send him 250.00. I said no. then it became 150.00. I told him I didn't have the funds. Well I was still investingating him when I came to this site and saw his name.
one of the scams that I heard about from the F.B.I was that these scammers pose as military men and then ask you to submit a request for a leave for the, As in Linda's case it then costs money for "administrative costs". I know for a fact that military men do not need someone to request their leave.

Just as a warning Cpt Sean Philips is a scammer. Also watch out for another scammer that goes by the name og Major James Cole. He tried the leave thing with me but I knew that you don't request a leave from a yahoo e-mail adress.
#116251 by excalibur61 Fri Jul 27, 2012 5:41 pm
mezelves wrote:i feel so fooled...
who is the person on the pics he used ...

Don't worry to much he is very smooth. the best thing to do is always ask as many questions as possible. I was taken in by his good looks and charm. His undoing was that I always research everything. and the fact that he didn't know much about the mormon faith. I kept him on the hook until I completed my investigation then I dropped the bomb on him!
His exact words were

seanphiliplisten: Applaud and tips hat
Me: you too but change your ways whatever your name is
Me: thank you I thought it was pretty good
seanphiliplisten: U had me
Me: my personal best

Edited out personal information ~Bubbles

this is part of the conversation with the so caslled Sean Philips. I got the scammer! if that wasn't bad enough he still tried and asked me if I could send him money! This person is a piece of work. Beware of him!
#117491 by excalibur61 Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:27 am

Here is an update on Sean Philips. I kept him on my yahoo messanger list because I wanted to get more info. this is part of todays today's (August 2, 2012) coversation:

seanphiliplisten: You know am from Nigeria?
seanphiliplisten: Now. That insane talk
Me: yes I do. I told you I know people
seanphiliplisten: You are not serious
Me: yes I am very serious
seanphiliplisten: Now you just hurt my feelings
seanphiliplisten: Byee
seanphiliplisten: Have a wonderful day
seanphiliplisten: Yes am from nigeria
Me: lol. oh your saying bye because I found out the reall you huh?
seanphiliplisten: That's very right
seanphiliplisten: Yes
seanphiliplisten: You are right

He then threatened me with blocking me from messanger. Yeah right, like that is a bad thing? He still tried to get money from me which I refused to do. here is more of the conversation:

Me: just be honest with me I will still be your friend but I will not send you any money
Me: yes I know people who know how to trace people
seanphiliplisten: excalibur_1961
seanphiliplisten: Is this your email
Me: yes
seanphiliplisten: Is it very correct
Me: I have had this for over 10 years
seanphiliplisten: Coz I want to block and ignore you
Me: lol whatever
seanphiliplisten:(he sent a smiley waving goodbye)
Me: (I sent a smiley rolling on the floor laughing)
seanphiliplisten: Yeah. U did
seanphiliplisten: Ur lame broke ass
seanphiliplisten: Won

The bnest way to get the scammer is let them think you know more than you do. I told him that I knew he was from nigeria (which I really didn't) but I told him I did and he finally admitted he was. After this he signed out. but just went invisable. his icon was just darkened so he was still online. If you do your reasearch you can get these scammers. I may not be able to stop him but I can put out the information I have o help warn others about this man. I hope this helps.

Edited out personal information ~Bubbles
#117829 by excalibur61 Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:53 am
Ok lady's it's time to tell you to immediately stop talking to any scammer you come across. After speaking with the FBI and CIA and HOME LAND SECURITY I was told that these scammers can be connected with terrorists! I found this out after I refused to send him money:

seanphiliplisten: And I can have guns and C4 materials shipped over to your place ,and I will alert
seanphiliplisten: The CIA
seanphiliplisten: That's you are trying to build explsives
seanphiliplisten: Let me take your mail box aprt first
seanphiliplisten: Turn your mail upside down
seanphiliplisten: And I will alert CIA on shipment
seanphiliplisten: Is it through you have a daughter
seanphiliplisten: And a son

I reported this to a website given to me by homeland security. report these guys as abuse to yahoo or whatever IM you asre using

The fact is he can not do this yet it is still alarming that they will stoop to this level to get money out of you.
#117838 by ratt84 Sat Aug 04, 2012 3:39 am
he is very active and currently online
Sean Philips
Worked at United States Army Europe - USAREUR
Studied at University of Rhode Island
Lives in North Conyers Farms, Georgia
From Providence, Rhode Island
Knows Arabic, English

pics are already here


pic shows
Spc. Elterbrock Andrew from St. Michael, MN of 2nd Platoon Bravo Company 2-327 Infantry looks towards Taliban positions during a sudden attack by Taliban on Badel Combat Out Post in eastern Afghanistan near Pakistan border on Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2010.

stolen from ... istan.html
#160652 by dinky Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:09 pm
Hello all.... FYI Sargeant or Captain (depending on the day) Sean Philips is still at work and actively scamming women for $. He has asked me for money repeatedly since Aug. 2012. Like other victims, I met Sean on a religious dating website where he claims to be LDS. I have been given the same photos that others have received. He has had bogus cashiers checks and counterfeit postal money orders sent to me. Luckily I did not cash any of them but turned them over to the authorities. Just want you to know that he may possibly be using another name. Twice he emailed me and inadvertently forgot to change the name at the bottom of the cut and pasted letter he sent to me. He could also be using the name "Mark". I asked about it and he claims it is his middle name and even provided an additional middle name. "Desmond"
Sean Mark Desmond Phillips is a scammer but a very sweet talker and charmer and uses the email address:

[email protected]

Sean recently had people purchase and send over $1400 worth of name-brand perfume to me which I was supposed to re-package and ship to Nigeria. US Postal regulations do not allow for perfumes and other flamable substances to be shipped via air so it is not possible to ship unless it goes by boat taking months to arrive.The perfumes were supposedly being given as thank you gifts to wives of the Nigerian officers who are working with the US army members who are on a "Special Services Mission" to combat the Boko Haram terrorist group. I contacted the company from which the perfumes were purchased and explained the situation. They sent return labels and all perfumes were returned and they agreed to research and credit the people that paid for the perfume.

Sean begs for money which he claims will be used for phone/internet service. He repeatedly asks for my personal banking or credit card account information or for me to open a credit card account using my name and info but to give him access to it. He has had "wives of other soldiers" wire funds to me which I am instructed to then send via money gram to him through his military "driver" that he refers to as Abidemi. I am curious if others have been asked to send to Abidemi as well and would like to share any/all information that I have. I have names/addresses of people purchasing and sending perfumes as well as other contact info from people who are possible victims like me. I have tried to research the names of these people and have come to the conclusion that one name is most likely an identity theft case with the name being stolen from an obituary in Southern Ca. Would like to share/compare info if possible.
#160692 by Grunt Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:34 am
Age: 43
Country: United States
State: Ohio
City: marietta
Zip Code: 45750
My name is sean,sean philips.I am a military army personnel with a rank of a captain in the united states army and am station Abroad..well i will go ahead and tell you about me
I really would like to know more about you. Let me share with you about myself. I will start with my immediate family that I was born into. I have a parent and a younger sister. My dad is one of 5 brothers and sisters and my mom is one of 7 brothers and sisters. I have 20 first cousins. So my extended family is somewhat large. Both of my parents are from the Midwest and my relatives are scattered across the country. Holidays are for the most part just my parents and sister. Our other relatives are hundreds of miles away. When I celebrate holidays, Christmas and Thanksgiving, it's with my parents who live about 7 1/2 hours from me.
The celebration itself is fairly casual and low-key. My mom makes the usual festive foods. Family reunions with my extended family generally occur in the summer with each side of the family having a reunion about every two or three years. I was raised in parts of UK. I am sure that added to my accent when I speak. My high school days were a little rough like most kids and I wasn't born rich. I consider my family to be living average. I guess that really made me the kind of person I am today. I went to the university in Rhode Island and graduated with a degree in Economics and had a masters in bussiness administration 2 years later in Manchester united kingdom...then I went ahead to dothat thing I have been aspiring to be since I was a I enlisted in the military of united states.
My mom was a head teacher and dad was in the medical field.I fought in the Gulf war in 1990 to 1991.I would have gone on and on but what will we talk about when we finally please hit me ,write me a message if you would like to know more about me.
Looking forward to that.

Languages: English, Arabic
Marital Status: Divorced
Have Kids: Yes - but not at home
Want (more) kids: Yes
Education: College Grad
Employment Status: Full-time
Occupation: Politics / Government / Military
Income: $35,000 to $49,999


yahoo avatar


male - 47 years, Netherlands
Name SEAN philips
Date of birth 16/03/1966
Location (Noord-Holland) - must have registered with the typical scammer proxy leaseweb :mrgreen:
Native language English
#162431 by redrobin48 Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:10 am
Sgt benjamin Patterson is up to his ways still. I met him on Mingle2. He is supposedly in the army stationed now it seems in Libya. I kept telling my friends he seems so legit but I was taking it slow. we have talked and this man says no parents or siblings. no kids. he had a uncle passed. He has a dog named billy. i thought it stranger that he was able to chat on messenger as much as he has more so than emailing. we have emailed some back and forth. i was still trying to figure him out. I was fortunate he had not asked for me to request a leave for him or any funds. However awhile back he mentioned a mortgage problem put i said hope you work it out. recently he was talking about with the north kroea situation he was in jeporday of being redeployed. its crazy that he is using the same pictures all over . I dont know what cause me to try the google image search again . I had tried it before having seen episodes of catfish, but i must have did it wrong the first time because this time it popped and brought me the truth. I am grateful to learn it now then to get relax believing he is legit.
PLEASE LADIES BE CAREFUL! We sign up for these sites with the right intentions but everyone is not doing the same.
#173038 by Lourdes1979 Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:07 pm
I am having contact with this person, I can give addresses, e .... contact me
africara wrote:Image



Here are the pictures of the scammer, Captain Sean Philips.

Corrected image tags so photo will magically appear. ~Bubbles
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#173039 by Lourdes1979 Fri Aug 02, 2013 9:45 pm
apparently has this e-mail ... [email protected] told me to send him money by wester union.
first to this address: marie Jennifer Randall,
5 Hyde Gate
Winchester SO23 7EJ United Kingdom (I said it is caring for her daughter)
of course, not receiving the money excuse I made up, told me later that sent him here ... abidemi Adeolu
Address: Block 6 Ojoo division army barracks
City: Ibadan Country: Nigeria Zip Code: 23402
known him on Facebook as Mark Grant
just remove it for fear, for all that I read on this website, set up my Facebook page, so I would not find it again.
If you do not understand me, English is not my dioma, I had to translate by google translator, so if you want to talk to me, you know how it is.
Is passed by military, religious Mormons and widower, looking for wife

I have contact with this person, I talk later, if you need anything from me, contact me
ratt84 wrote:he is very active and currently online
Sean Philips
Worked at United States Army Europe - USAREUR
Studied at University of Rhode Island
Lives in North Conyers Farms, Georgia
From Providence, Rhode Island
Knows Arabic, English

pics are already here


pic shows
Spc. Elterbrock Andrew from St. Michael, MN of 2nd Platoon Bravo Company 2-327 Infantry looks towards Taliban positions during a sudden attack by Taliban on Badel Combat Out Post in eastern Afghanistan near Pakistan border on Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2010.

stolen from ... istan.html
#200357 by lolsimsjessica Tue May 06, 2014 9:34 pm
I think i might have a scanner too, i've been talking to this guy for a month he claims he's working on a peace effort in Afghanistan and has already asked for money and then wants me to write the administrator and that they'll charge me want me to write for his leave and say that our marriage ceremony is next week. = [email protected].
i feel hurt but thought he was kind of off. his name - Williams John Baker.
#200358 by Dotti Tue May 06, 2014 9:49 pm
You most definitely have a scammer there.

If you could post the email address he is using and a few of his emails to you (remove your own name first, you can help even more people to avoid being caught in these scams.

Need to post photos?
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