Information on romance scams and scammers.
#41828 by Terry Mon Dec 06, 2010 4:23 pm
Hey everyone HEAD UP.

The scammers are at it again.

This time going by the name of Sussy

Here is the last e-mail I got from her.

It has not been long since we met but all has changed in my life. I experience more excitement, feel like the happiest man on the earth, and think of you all the time. It is not just at bedtime, or upon waking up but at my work, during driving, and at all times. Sometimes I sit and without any reason call your name loudly, until realizing that you are far away, and then smiling about the sweet thoughts of you.
When I talk to you, it makes my heart beat faster, and feels like some sweet feelings, unexplainable, not understandable. I feel your presence everywhere by me, your smell, and your laughs echo in my ears, your talks remind me that you really exist, and I want you bad enough like the roses would need their perfume, like wind needs its songs, like snow needs its whiteness, like a little child wants ice cream. I did not plan to love you, it just happened.
The world has many beauties, some like lilies, jasmine, irises, roses; some were just simple plain flowers, none of them made me feel attracted. It was your innocent smile, your sparkling eyes; it was you in whole who made my heart like falling out of its place. It was like lightening had struck me, it was like an angel had shown herself. It was you and your love what made me what I am today.
I will keep loving you as long as the sun keeps shining, the stars keep brightening the sky, the winds keep blowing, the snow keeps falling, and the flowers keep smiling. I humbly request you, Yara, be mine. Loving you forever....

Pretty convincing, too bad it's not real

#72251 by began steele Fri Oct 28, 2011 2:58 am
The crap comes from here. 2 POINTS to note from the site below. (Aside from line 2!) ... rs/34.html
Dear Yara,
It has not been long , etc...................

I humbly request you, Yara, be mine. Loving you forever....

And I thought you were Terry!

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