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#44977 by ccalk48 Fri Jan 21, 2011 4:37 pm
I recently met a man off We have been chatting for 2 weeks an he has done all the classic line " I love you" "I want to marry you" blah blah blah. He said that if I write a letter to ask for a permanent leave to get married to the following email address "[email protected]" then he can come home and we can get married. I was scammed for love but not taken.

Fortunately, I have a friend in Afghan that confirmed that the email address "" is bogus.......

OMG, why do these "terrorist" get away with this.

Who can give me the Facebook page?

Oh an BTW hi name he used is Sgt. Peter Genthe, says he grew up in Australia, he has a sister in the UK, his Dad died from something related to drinking. His Mom is staying with his Aunt in Mexico. Oh and he had another siblng die from a car accident

#45097 by Smartdate Mon Jan 24, 2011 6:12 am
Please, could you report this member to our team so that we can delete him from our database?
Send us the link to his profile, and we'll disable it.
We are very sorry about this, and hope you'll find someone worth your love soon on Smartdate.
#58799 by debracharney Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:23 am
Stumbled across ScamWarners when I was trying to get background on someone impersonating Sgt. Peter Gunthe, who I have been corresponding with for the past couple of weeks. OMG! Ditto. He has used the same lines on me. I couldn't believe what I was reading on here. He told me the same thing: He was a sergeant in the U.S. Army, an Army Ranger, Special Forces, stationed in Iraq. He fed me lines about going out on patrol, etc.

He said he was from Australia, his father died when he was 17 from cancer. His father had a drinking problem. He told me he was an only child--no brothers or sisters. He grew up in Australia, and went to college at Adelaide for construction. I checked the college out. It is legitimate, even though he is not. He said his dad was from Australia, but his mother was from Mexico. She was currently living in Baja, Mexico with an Aunt. He recently gave me his mother's email to correspond with: [email protected] His email that he is using is: [email protected]

He told me he was getting ready to retire in October/November. I asked when he joined the military, and he said when he was 29 years. You have to have 20 years to retire from the military, so this did not add up. He told me he wanted us to get married in Mexico, and have our honeymoon in Paris. What a bunch of crap! Anyways, he asked me to scan my passport and send to him because he wanted to see my picture. I told him NO!! That there were too many people trying to steal identities that wanted to get into the United States. He apologized for asking me, and moved on to the next subject. He could have stolen my identity! He does have pictures of me, but nothing sexual. Just everyday ordinary pictures. Thank goodness! He did ask for a picture of me that was more explicit, and I told him NO!!

Most recently, he told me that he had a huge inheritance that his lawyer was holding for him, that I would never have to worry about money. He knows that I am struggling as a single parent. Oh, and he has broken English. I questioned him about this and he said it was part of his Australian accent. His written accent is more Hispanic. I asked how his mother and father met, and he said at a concert. He also calls me his "Baby Boo." Whatever that means . . .

He told me he was 41 years old, 5' 9" and wore a size 9 shoe. Also, that he had never been married and had no children. I told him I could not have children anymore. He asked if I was open to the idea of adoption. He was playing around with the idea of names for children and asked me for my full name, so he does have that, and my city and state where I live, but not my physical address. I asked for his full name, and he told me it was Peter Reid Genthe. Who really knows?? He claims he is a Christian, and that God intended for our paths to cross.

He seemed very adventurous and easy going. Willing to do anything. Explained he had all of his licenses because he was military: motorcycle, helicopter, etc. He advised because of being in Special Forces that he was not allowed to have a cell phone, but that he would ask his commander if you could call me. I asked for an address to send him a care package. He said he could not receive mail at this time. Made me think he was on a special op or something.

Oh, and last but not least, he asked me to marry him over the internet. Wanted me to keep it a secret between him and me, since we would be sharing our lives together, and not to tell anyone. Unbelievable!! That is all for now. Will keep everyone posted. I'm going to take your advice, and stop all contact. Thanks, for posting this website.

One more thing . . . I met him on His profile is Sgt. Peter Genthe. He has about 23 other women listed as friends. He never did add me. We talked on Instant Messenger.

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