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#392038 by malu53 Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:37 am
Good Day Sweetheart! You should read through my mail prior to answering it. Im looking for someone who may be more mature as compared to me. Do you really fully understand what i am writing here, do you really know English? I desired to familiarize yourself with you more, its not specified what nation you are from in your user profile or it does not say anything about how old you are. I'm trying to find a really serious gentleman, definitely not any younger than myself. Just how old are you? A little bit about myself, I'm thirty five years old I'm residing in a region identified as Ukraine, you almost certainly heard about it. I'm Olha. My name is Olha, and also I love any time folks call me Moon. Now i'm single, I have no children and was never engaged or married. I wish to meet a guy with whom I will enjoy movies in a theater, go walking in the park, have dinner time with each other right after work, wake up each morning together with each other with kisses. I search for my life partner and stay together with him for the rest of my life, the one who would like to meet a girl or spouse to build a true relationship. If our needs match, please send me your picture and reply, and then we will carry on our conversation in greater detail. Don't forget to send your picture, and here is my own as well.
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#392039 by malu53 Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:41 am
Hi man! How are you getting along? Excuse me, if I disturbed you with this message. If so, just don’t answer this e-mai. Yet, I hope you will have time to read this massage and reply to it. I met your e-mail address on a dating site a long time ago, but I didn’t dare to write you. I believe that we have similar objectives so far. If I am not wrong, are you also seeking for a someone to creat long-term relationships? I like the country, culture, life and mentality of people where you live. What city do you live in and what you do? I guess we could try to get acquainted? How do you think? I am an independant woman and I want to find a man with serious intentions had relations with other woman. But I don’t to talk about it because I’m still open-minded and communicative young lady. Since then I am a free woman. I work as a dentist at a private dental clinic in my city. I also make false teeth and dental implants. I stay a plenty of time in pur laboratory. Thanks to my profession I visited several countries where I have received good experience. I really like to work. Now I suffer from my job, cos I could not build relationship and now it is time to change everything. Now I see that it’s more complicated to make new acquaintances and make new friends. Unfortunately it is so hard begin to believe other people. So I decided to try internet dating. I already have experience tried to make an account on dating sites, but unfortunately I met there only horny men who asked me only sex and nude pics. OMG! So I delated my information from these sites. The vital thing for me is sincerity. I already know that there are hundreds scammers in the internet right now. I have no desire to play games and I am not looking for sponsor or a rich man … I’m a specialist in my spere that I earn well and provide everything I need for myself. And I hope you don’t compare me with other women. I hate this. Hope you understand what I mean … If you don’t like my letter or just have any doubts, please just don’t answer my email. Ok? I hope you have read this letter until the end. I really hope that you find my letter and photos attractive. Anyway, I am really happy to share with you some details about myself and my life. Maybe we can be friends or even more Why not? Looking forward to get an answer form you.

If you are interested in me Please reply ONLY to my personal e-mail: [email protected]
Yours Irinulya
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#392040 by malu53 Mon Jul 22, 2019 6:53 am
Hey man! Be sure to read through my mail prior to responding to it. I am trying to find someone who may be older than myself. Do you have an understanding of just what i'm trying to write here to you, can you understand English? I want to familiarize yourself with you much more, it is not detailed what country you're coming from in your profile nor it doesn't state anything at all about your real age. I'm in search of a serious person, not younger as compared to me. Exactly how old are you currently? A little bit about me, Im thirty-five years of age I'm residing in a region identified as Ukraine, you most likely heard of it. Anyway, my name Olha. My name is Olha, and also I also love when folks call me Moon. I'm single, I do not have kids as well as was never engaged. I wish to connect with a man with who I will enjoy films in a cinema, go walking in the park area, have dinner together right after job, get up each day together with each other with kisses. I look for my life lover and stay together with him for the rest of my life, one who desires to meet a girlfriend or lady to create a loyal bond. If our pursuits overlap, make sure you throw me your image and reply back, so we will carry on our chat in greater detail. Don't forget to send your pics, here is my own as well.
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