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Hi there, am sure there must be a good smile behind that handsome face. i long lost your contact email but got it back from my old Diairy and it would be very funny and sad if it turns out to be another mistaken address. how is the family and your newly married wife? anyway i have moved on and better though but still single and beautiful and very much believing in God for HIS time is the best.
less i forget i had fun during my Vacation in China 2017 though being a Black American lady was another tough one being in the Territory of mannerless Asian men, hehehehe. Anyway, the desktop here crashed that was why we lost touch, its fixed now though cause i came back from China and found out it put together. I saw your Wedding pictures and they were really lovely i must say.
I did take pictures too during my Vac you know and few of them are attached.! so am on update, lol. sadly, the plan for the 2018 vacation to Germany failed because of the intense work here & the loss of lives during the last attack here but i was somewhat glad that i stayed behind, and cancled it so i can serve the purpose i was sent here by the Government of the United States and the United Nations (World Health Org WHO) professional Mandate.., and if you must know am well taken care of here in Afghanistan, only that the head Doctor gives me too much work load for reasons am yet to find out... Not to bore you with stories looool,tell me, my hangout messenger is still [email protected].., so what have you been up too? Okay, hehehehehe, do take care and will like to hear from you cause you know, its bored and lonely being a Doctor most especially a Female here in the camp cause we are very few.

warm hugs.
Dr. Miss Kleo Oma Pat


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